Sunday, January 30, 2011

OMG, a revelation!

After having several conversations with my awesome long lost bestie Angela I have sat an thought long hard about several things. Angela was the first person my ex introduced me to at Fort Hood 10 years ago! OMG, has it been that long? Sure as shit it has! Through our many nights of closing down Wild Country to our many lunches and dinners at Little Italy we always had a great time. Yes, trying to figure out which girl Stephen was fucking that week and stalking her Ex in the middle of the night was also fun. Stephen is my ex for those of you that don't know his name. I rarely use the name because my children go into fits if they even see it!
Angela was there when Zoe was born, and a lot of times she was the good angel on my shoulder. I introduced her to Mike (which is her husband) and well that led to a set of twins and little Mike Jr. She had Christian already when we met. I must add that Aryanna had quite the crush on Christian at an early The first time she met the little boy she hit him over the head with his own toy. ( yes, I know before you comment she gets it from me!) We lost contact for a little while and I am so happy that we have found each other again! My oldest is just as happy! So happy she wants to move to Colorado! We have had a great time just reliving everything and catching up that it has caused me to think.
Yes, I hate my sorry ass ex-husband for the things he has done to me and the way he is with the children. That will not change. But what I realized was I am so very lucky he was such a sorry piece of shit! Had he not been a complete douche and a horrible ass husband I wouldn't have met my soul mate. The children and I wouldn't be the happy family we are now. So I guess I should send him a Yahoo message telling him how happy I am that he was a complete douche bag and I should thank him for giving me a wonderful life! OK, so I can't do that because technically that would be contacting him and I am not allowed to do that! So if you are reading my blog and you know him... Tell him I said Thank You.
 Let's be real, I know someone who talks to him reads my blog. Hell, he may even read it and get the Thank You first hand. Either way, I said Thank You. 

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