Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hump Me Music Day

After getting pretty much told my taste in music wasn't wanted at a new music link-up I tried I have decided that they can take the Christian link-up and suck a big toe. Seriously, show restraint next time, that isn't the kind of music we promote, and we have a PG rating. Ok, even some freaking Country music is suggestive! With that being said I am doing a HUMP day post with music about HUMPING! If you don't like Rap or Crazy fucking songs you should leave now! I have included 3 songs for your viewing and listening pleasure!



Babes Mami said...

Too much for some people? My husband does a music monday thing but they never seem to care what he picks!

Jen Sparkles said...

Icp and twizted were too much for them. They said I could link up if I showed more restraint. They want PG music but don't have that listed on the rules. So I liked the idea about starting one that was all music friendly. All music is welcomed. Ange was ripped about her putting twizted. Our choice of music is not the kind of music they promote on there linky. Which caused me to do hump me Wednesday music.... Lol.