Saturday, January 1, 2011

An awesome New Years Day!

Today is Camryn's 10th birthday. We started our day with the hour journey to spend the day with him. Only it's turned into an overnight vacation because we are having a blast. He was so excited to see us. He has told me he loves me about 10 times! I am loving this! To have all the babies together is a wonderful way to start a great year. Nate is enjoying having all the kids to play with. I am loving the visit with the family also. We had a great dinner and set off a bunch of fireworks. The kids are enjoying themselves and I have to admit its nice to get away from Leesville! 
I have another make-up look to post when we get home. I hope you all had a wonderful start to the New Year! Happy 2011!!!!!  


EnVii said...

how the hell have i not been following you!!! one i LOVE makeup !!! 2 your blog is pretty awesome and 3 i found you on ange's blog [ i am following you now]

feel free to go take a look at my craziness

Jen Sparkles said...

Thank You!