Friday, January 7, 2011


I got my LORAC shipment in today and I must say that I am 99.5% happy with it!
I order the Mocktail lip gloss in "SEX ON THE BEACH". It smelled really nice, but for a flavored gloss it tasted kinda bad. Cute bright pink color. Texture is great. Taste is BAD!
The second part of my order was the fabulous looking, LORAC LIMITED EDITION TIE DYE FOR LIP GLOSS COLLECTION

I FUCKING love these!!!!! They have glitter, matte, and contrasting shades in the same tubes! This provides one awesome shade! Yes Ladies! This is almost the best gloss I have ever used!!!!!! I would say best but thanks to LORAC the best will come last!
I provided a close up so you can see the sparkles and the colors. The one of this writing is the BERRY BLENDER. It's purple and I love it! While I love them. There are 2 shades that are just not me. I will be sharing these with a friend.

With my order I received free gifts!!!!! Free gifts are sooooo AWESOME! Especially when they lead you to falling in love!

First item is a cute little change purse, but will be used for my earrings in the suitcase known as my
The second gift was a full size LOTSA LIP Plumping Lipstick. The shade is MISBEHAVIN. It plumps and looks great. The name fits me! Good job LORAC on that choice.

This is a neutral shade. However, I do love this! I can add my pink gloss to the middle.
The last free gift is the gift of all gifts! Yes Ladies I am truly in love! In LOVE! I have already ordered it from LORAC. I did that the minute I tried it out! With out further ado I give you....
Yes Ladies! The MULTIPLEX 3D LIP GLOSS is FUCKING AMAZING! This shade is another neutral but it makes a statement! The shade they sent is 3D it has gold glitter in it! I can see this shade being used with a lot of looks! I can already see this going in the middle for a dramatic look as well! I just can't rave enough on how much I love love love this!!!!! It is 22.00 on the the site though. I must warn you! If you are on a budget I can completely understand you looking at the price going no way! I on the other hand said, "FUCK IT! I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!" I am like that though! I see something I want and I get it. I'm a spoiled You will not be disappointed!
I hope you enjoyed the LORAC review. Have a wonderful weekend!


Simply Kendra said...

No eating makeup. ha ha ha The MaiTai smelled so good I wanted to eat it but yeah.. dont. The glosses look Beautiful, I might have to go to Ulta tomorrow and pick some up.

Jen Sparkles said...

I am trying not to. I have the 2 shades that I will not wear that are I tried them and they are sooo not me. Not even with a different make-up look. If you don't buy them let me know! The purple is to die for! The 3d lip gloss is FUCKING AWESOME!!!! You will love it!

Kelly said...

I love glittery glosses! I'll have to check these out when I have some extra cash :)

Jen Sparkles said...

The 3D lip gloss is sooooo glitter. LOL. I love me some sparkles and glitter too!!! LOL. Have a wonderful weekend Kelly and thanks for the comment!

Poetry of the Day said...

i love your background

Jen Sparkles said...

Thanks! So do I.

Kelly said...

Thanks Jen, you too :) I hope tomorrow is better. One of my babies has been sick all day :(

Jen Sparkles said...

Sorry to hear that. I hope the baby gets to feeling better. I hate it when mine are sick.