Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This is bad... Brace yourself for Hate!

I put a lot of time on my nails. I pride myself in not having to pay to have someone else do them. I used to, but that changed for personal reasons! One of which I was reminded of when I went to the mother fucking shopette to get cokes! I am standing in line minding my own fucking business. OK so I was texting, but I wasn't all up in someone elses business. Unlike the bitch behind me. Now I noticed her Louis Vuitton carrying ass the minute she got behind me. She had on way too much perfume, dark WHORE red lipstick and a dress that was Zoe's size! Literally looked like she was going to the nearest corner. Well she had a friend with her and they were both chatting louder then I cared to fucking hear. New Flash... I have a problem with people who speak broken English! Yes hate me for it I don't care! As I shift the cokes to the other hand (since the cashier is taking her time) the bitch behind me has the nerve to make this comment, "You see her nails. That is why American women pay us to do their nails. They can't do that shit themselves."
For those of you that know me you should be able to guess what happened next.
Yep, I turned around. I can't keep my mouth shut. I refuse to be insulted in my own country by a fucking visa searching drinky girl who gives head for 5 dollars! This was my reply to her. (BTW this is where you want to stop reading if you are easily offended. Don't say I didn't warn you!)
I said, "What the fuck did you just say? I don't pay bitches like you to do my nails this mother fucking American does her own. I am not about to pay some two bit nasty fucking whore who was blowing GI's in Korea just to get here so you could do my mother fucking nails. So you can take your fake ass Louis hop a plane and go back to the land of whores where your nasty gum guzzling ass belongs!" Yes, she was Korean! Without so much as a fucking word she put her stuff on the nearest shelf hung her nasty ass head and walked the fuck out! I must have gotten louder then I thought cause I had everyone in the damn store staring at my ass. Which was bad cause I had a pony tail and was sporting sweat pants! I quietly put my cokes on the counter and the cashier looked at me and started laughing her ass off. Mr. MP wasn't so happy with my little show until the cashier and 2 other people told him what the skank said. I told him he should be lucky he wasn't calling the bitch an ambulance cause my 12 pack of cokes was going upside her head.
So with this being said. Watch who fucking insult in the line at the grocery store! Some of us Americans aren't afraid to whoop your ass for getting stupid!


Simply Kendra said...

what an effing, excuse My french, Cunt. Well played love. btw i love ur nails. i think their awesome. much love.


A Daft Scots Lass said...

Fucking Awesome.

Too bad she probably didn't understand half of your brilliantly worded insult.


lmfao Give it to that bitch! I do my own shit too! I'm not wasting money on shit I can do myself! Right on!

Ange said...

Totally sounds like something I would do... except for the fact that after about my second visit I was banned from the PX for running my mouth. (It took me a couple extra visits to be banned from the commissary as well).

Jen Sparkles said...

@ Kendra thank you. Never apologizr for your French..LMAO! This is a cussing approved blog...lmao

@Lass She probably didn't understand all of it but thank God she understand enough not to open her fucking mouth again.

@ Falen I used to get my nails done. When the ex husband wanted the divorce to marry one of them nasty bitches and brought her here to the states I decided I would learn to do my own. Yea, I don't like them because I learned a lot about their culture and it sucks rat dick!

@Ange I think had it not been so funny I would have been able to return. I myself have had a few minor incidents at the Comm. I seem to run into the bitchy wives or the ones that think they own the fucking store! Some of these wives need to remember that we are the same.

EnVii said...

Idont do my own nails cuz i suck at it and yea i also havent gone to .. LOL here i have japanese chicks do them and they do a good job but fuck when it comes to what i want on my nail i have to bring in pics.. LMAO

i would of right hooked that bitch forget wasting my breath..