Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dead beat dads SUCK

How can a man walk away from his children, but yet say he loves them? How can they miss every Holiday? It's crazy. They start out being a great father. Well they seem that way at first. They don't have any contact with their children but yet they offer advice to other parents. My children's sperm donor doesn't know a thing about the children. He has no clue what they like, what they are in to, and how their personalities are. My husband is adopting them this year. I am overly joyed that we will be a complete family and that the children do not have to bother with sperm donor's name any longer. Personally I am glad to see that last name go. It has nothing but pain and suffering attached to it.
Now I have heard excuses. He can't stand to be around me so he doesn't call them. He doesn't want to talk to me so it's easier to not be around them. I don't give a damn what it took. I hate him with a passion, but if these kids were there I would call and visit! It's being a parent. Just because you divorce the mother doesn't mean you divorce your kids. Good dad's don't do that! Good dad's don't say it was a dark time in their life. He thinks he is a great parent. He has never done anything wrong by these kids. The asshole can't see the big picture. Picking the new wife over your children isn't cool. Seriously, what kind of woman could sit there and encourage a man to not talk to his kids?  Does she think she will be different? Then again she was raised that way. She thinks she is better then American women. Fuck he has cheated on her! I have heard that from his own family! He will never change. I am left with the baggage of scars and feelings. I have learned from the mistakes I made in that marriage. He will never change. He doesn't know the meaning of vows.
I had to vent since we hit a road block in the adoption. Kind of. Thanks to the lawyer and all the money we have shell out there is a loop hole. We are now just waiting to see if it applies.


EnVii said...

wow i hope that the process goes by quickly for you and the kids.. no child should have to go through that

Jen Sparkles said...

We have the appointment Monday that will tell us the exact length we have to wait. We have completed most of what we needed. Getting him to court is going to be hard. I don't want to see him and neither do the kids. We are going to ask if we can do different times. Their therapy doesn't need a set back. Thanks for the comment.. :) I would normally have a more cheery reply, but it's been a rough evening and it's almost 3 am.

Heather said...

We are in the process (we I mean my husband, since I already am their legal mom)of adopting our three older girls too...only luck we have is that my ex really wants to sto having his wages attached and he really wants his license to stop being suspended because he owes me over 50k in back support. So we are in the midst of an uncontested adoption. Still costs a buttload of money and is a pain. But I too can't wait for that name to disappear!
Heres to daddys that are worth their weight in gold and our husbands for being those daddys!

Jen Sparkles said...

Thanks for the comment. I wish to God he fall off the face of earth it would be better. This is why I firmly believe you should be required to get a license to have a child. So many men and women walk away from their children. It isn't right. We are just lucky we found men that are perfect at being daddy's. :)