Friday, December 31, 2010

My look for 31 Dec. 2010

I have finally put to use my newest arrivals. I have mixed them with my shadows made by Simply Kendra!
 Here is how I achieved my wonderful sparkly eyes.
1. I applied my UDPP. (Urban Decay Primer Potion) It's a must use item for me!
2. Next I applied Starry's Gel Eyeliner in Neon Pink all over the lid and just above the crease. (You can pick it up on Amazon for about 7.00. I recommend this highly!)
3. I then used "Fluffy Butt" by Simply Kendra over that and blended out the edges.
4. I then applied "Naughty" by Simply Kendra on the outer corner of my eye and through the crease. Then blended that out.
5. I used a shimmery white for the highlight.
6. Over the eyelid I used Eye Kandy's Pink Sprinkles. I simply mixed the sprinkles with the Liquid Sugar and used my finger to apply it. I applied it to just above the crease.
7. I used the Purple from Eye Kandy for the liner on the top.
8. Along the lash line on the bottom I used the Neon Pink Gel Liner again and blended that with "Naughty"
9. I used silver eyeliner for the water line.
10. Curled the lashes and used Volume Mascara. I applied 3 coats.

 I apologize for the brows looking horrible as I just had them done today and as you can see I will be making a trip back. They look
I used the Coastal scents Blush and Contour palette for cheeks. For my lips they are outlined in a bright pink liner and covered with Este Lauder's Icy Pink Lip Gloss.
I hope you enjoy and the video will up as soon as the uploader starts working again!
Enjoy your evening and Be Safe!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday Blog Trotting

You all know I love my make-up. I was in the mood to go searching for new ideas so I came up with the Thursday Blog Trotting idea. My first stop of course is none other then Simply Kendra
Click It!
This girl is amazing. She is way into the scary shit as well as glam! Liquid Latex, nails, and just a wide variety of ideas! She is currently working on a contest on her YouTube channel. It will be for Valentines Day, but it is going to have a scary twist. Also this amazing girl is working on her very own make-up line! Yes ladies I have tried 2 shades and this lady is fuckingfabtabulous!!!!!! If you are in the mood for fresh new ideas follow her! If you want sound advice from a professional on a variety of make-up ideas and spa shit FOLLOW HER! You will not be disappointed!

My next stop was because of Kendra's blog. I jumped to Mandi's blog.

Book reviews and amazing life journeys. From what I have read so far this promises to be an awesome find! I love book reviews! They keep me from buying shitty books with no plot! Though if they aren't about about Vampire I doubt you will see them in my library! Face it! Eric Northman from True Blood is the hottest fucking man in the world! Yes I would roll my husband out of bed to invite that Nordic Vampire in! So bounce on over to Mandi's blog and enjoy. She also has a second blog that is about their journey in their decision to adopt. Honestly I haven't looked at it yet, but judging from the first blog it will be worth reading. She doesn't have a button to steal so I couldn't give her a cute picture

My next stop as usual on list of daily reads is none other then the awesome Ange!
Click It!
The lady is fuckingfabtabulous also! If you enjoy a straight to the point in your face brutal honesty about the world read her! She also has some pretty fucking cool ideas! Follow her! If you aren't you are missing out! If you are feeling brave join in on this weeks Naughty List. Follow the directions and have a blast.

Click It!
From Ange's blog I bounced on our to her husband Jason's blog. This man can write. He will leaving you thinking deep thoughts and I love that! Not to mention he was awesome enough to participate in the DARE I gave him and Ange. Another awesome read. If you aren't following him... you fucking better start!

Click it!
This last blog is absolutely fuckingfabtabulous! I must warn you though this blog will reach out and slap the piss out of you if you aren't careful. She doesn't hold anything back and if she hurts your feelings Oh fucking well. Consider this a warning. I hear she is a head hunter also. So read the blog because I don't want to be held responsible if she comes for your head! I love going back through and reading the posts I have missed since I haven't been following her long. Very AWESOME blog! I hope you all enjoy!

I hope I have given you all some awesome blogs to go read through. I have had a pleasure reading them all. I have found them worthy of spreading around the Internet for others to enjoy. Be sure to let them know I sent you. Enjoy and Happy reading!

I need a bigger tackle box!

Yes, you read that right! I have outgrown my bathroom space. I am officially taking up all three huge drawers, the complete counter top, and even my dresser. So I now have to find a handy organizer so that I keep the needed items with me at all times. When we travel I already have a bag for shoes, a bag for clothes, a bag for accessories, and a make up kit. Now I just decided I needed another bag for make-up and nails. I can cut out 3 bags with getting a huge make-up box! My husband will be so happy!
In my quest to find the perfect box I stumbled across a couple of deals. OK so I was shopping for make-up! Now I know my initial dealing with ELF was a bad one, but I didn't get exactly what I wanted to. Upon watching a few more ELF reviews I reordered. If I bitch about this order you can shoot me! I wanted to grab the high def powder because I had been literally looking at the NARS powder for an hour. It was a toss up! Spend 3 dollars on something comparable or spend 35 on the real deal? I chose the 3 dollar option. I can't help but think while I saved money I will be kicking my self in the ass and ordering from NARS in 2 weeks. I also realized my eyebrow kit has ran away! So I had to grab one of those which took my to NYX. While I was at NYX I got a pop up from my email telling me I had a Stila email. You all know where I went next! Yes, I had to log into to Stila and order the damn blue smudge pot! Yes, I am a fucking nut job, but seriously I need these things! 
Also, I am going to grab my balls and start uploading the videos to YouTube. I will be linking them to the blog. I am in the process of getting the website up and running so things can be better organized and run smoothly. I just have to remember all the HTML and design shit I have forgotten.
Have a wonderful Thursday and keep looking for the videos.
*Hugs and Kisses*

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Naughty List! It's your turn!

This weeks naughty list is a question and answer one. Click the picture above to be directed to the original post. In the linky section read the blog before yours and answer the question that person asked. Once you answer your question you must ask a question for the next person to answer.

Here is my question: Do you have Naughty Plans for New Year's Eve/Day?

Here is my answer: Yes I most certainly do! I plan to bring in the stroke of midnight stroking my husband. I want to start the new year off with a BANG just like our relationship started off. Only he will be the one tied up. 

Now here is my question for the next person....
Do you have a fantasy that you wish to do in 2011?

Crazy Zebra Print Nails!

I am a little late with the blog for the Pink nails with black zebra print. But at least I am doing it.. LOL. If you don't like it to fucking bad. I love it.
 The pink is your everyday bright pink nail polish. The brand is Pure Ice and the color is Flirt Alert. I love this color! I didn't use a base coat which is why they didn't last long! After I applied 2 coats of the pink I let it air dry. I pulled out the Konad nail stamping kit since I didn't feel like drawing the zebra lines with the detail brush.
A little note about Konad Nail Stamping. It is easy, but it takes practice. If you buy this thinking you can jump right in and do great nails you will get frustrated. It does take practice. I promise you that.

I used this plate.
The M69
 This plate is awesome. It has 6 different designs on it!
To use the plates you need Konad polishes. (Or a super thick polish) You can use any polish for the base coat though!  Here are the colors I have and what the bottles look like.

The black and pink are a must have for my house. All of the colors are wonderful. They are bright and just awesome. It is important to stress though. This is polish for the plates. It's super thick and does not go well as normal everyday polish.
I decided on the pink and black so I got out my scrapper and stamper.

I have the double ended stamper because you can do whole nails designs as well as little designs. If you just want to place 2 flowers on your nails the smaller end is perfect. It's also perfect for children's nails. As I have 2 girls who demand that their nails look
After you apply the stamps and they are dry make sure you use a top coat. A top coat will ensure that your stamps last. It also makes them look great! A small warning the Konad top coat will smear it a tad bit, but I think it makes it look better. Here is what the Konad top coat looks like.

It is super thick, but dries incredibly fast!
After an hour and a half. Which did include touch-ups, clean-up, child interruptions, and a few cigarettes I was done.

This is how I achieved my Zebra print nails. I hope you all enjoyed the mini review of Konad. If you have any questions I would be more then happy to answer them. Just know that if you hate the nail look I really don't give a fuck. Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Elf Order and the review

I ordered from Elf on the 1st of December. To my wondering surprise my order arrived the 28th with out the cream eyeliner. The paper said it was back ordered, but the site does not reflect that. I ordered 4 brushes, 6 lip glosses, concealer, foundation, and the cream eyeliner. I will go over each one individually.

First things first. The Super Glossy lip shines were not at all what the colors appeared to be when you applied them. I ordered 3 of the Angel because I knew the girls would love it. The Angel is the only one I kept. That was only because I know I can pair it with something to make it look good. They feel sticky and not at all something I would wear. I was not happy with the color or consistency of either of the four different shades I bought. For a dollar a piece it's not that big of a deal, but then again you get what you pay for.

Next is the Concealer stick. I love it. Right color and goes on smooth. Not complaining at all. I actually love it! 

Third is the Flawless Finish Foundation. OK, for 3 dollars it's not that big of a waste then again I have used a cheaper one that works better. I am going to try add a small amount of moisturizer to it to see if it helps, but I doubt it. I just don't think its worth the money and most surely not worth the anticipation of it arriving.

Last but not least is the brushes.
 Concealer Brush is what it is. I mainly got it to have a small brush for the corners of my eyes because the bigger ones do not work with my sensitive eyes and the contacts. I love the brush.
Lip Defining Brush is great also. Though I would like to see more of a point. But I am an artist and will just grab a small detail brush from the cabinet again.
Blending Eye Brush! Notice the exclamation!!!! I love it! Perfect! I so very much saved 24 dollars on my usual brush... we all know that would be my MAC brush!
Eyeliner Brush is going to be used in the tutorial tomorrow featuring the Eye Kandy order that I have been waiting on! (I finally got my order from EYE KANDY! I can not stop talking about it. My husband is sick of hearing about
Just as Kendra added the brushes are not the same quality as MAC though. Yes they work just as great, but like her I can see super glue in my future to fix the handles. 
If you are by an ELF store by all means go in and look around. Maybe you would feel differently about the glosses. Having to wait so long to receive the order and then having it not be what I had hoped was a huge disappointment. Maybe you guys would have better luck with them. 

A year of growth

I am not completely sure if I should be happy this year is over. My family has been through so much this year. My marriage has been tested beyond the breaking point and it's still going strong. I think It depends on who you ask and on what day it is. LOL. We were faced with a lot of very personal issues this year. The trying personal issues, the loss of loved ones, and the usual economic hardships. It's the 28th of December and we are still alive and kicking so I guess we did something right. With everything the children have been through I am impressed by how well they processed everything and are moving on with life. It's been hard for them. Each of them has adapted their own way to over come things. I am really happy with Aryanna's progress. She is really turning out to be a mini-me. Though that scares me!

With everything that happened the year went surprisingly fast. Let's hope deployment goes as fast. While daddy will miss the birthdays, Easter, and Halloween he will not miss Thanksgiving or Christmas. That is a plus. Though Halloween is our fave holiday! Yes, we are a twisted family. As 2010 comes to a close I look back and see the growth our family has made. Ethan is stable and we got control of his issues. He is taking the same route as Ary. He is getting taller each month. Zoe is developing at a speeding rate. I am so proud of the little girl that they said would probably not see her 5th birthday. My strong little girl proved them wrong and continues to grow! Sadly she will be short like me, but great things come in small packages. Aryanna is lacking 1.5 inches of being as tall as me! This upsets me. She is 11 and I know I will have to look up at my own daughter in Why couldn't I be tall? Damn DNA! She is coming out of her shell and is almost back to her old self again. She is back to laughing and being happy. She is doing an awesome job in choir!  All the kids are sporting straight A's on the report cards and I couldn't be any more proud then I already am.
Nate did an excellent job this year. It was tough. He was there for the kids and me through everything. Without him being here I would have honestly cracked worse then I did. He has taken the daddy role and ran away with it.
I am ready for 2011. I believe things will continue to get better. Though set backs will happen because nothing is ever easy. I just know that surviving the past year has made my family and marriage stronger then ever. We are ready for whatever 2011 throws our way.
Happy New Year Everyone!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Massive FUCK YOU Monday

I had thought originally I wouldn't have any FUCK YOUS for today, but I realized I do. This is a tad bit different the previous Monday posts.
 FUCK YOU Christmas for causing so much stress for an extended amount of time and then being over so quickly!
FUCK YOU 2010 for being so shitty of a year!
FUCK YOU nail polish for being so cute, but fucking up so easily!
FUCK YOU Mother Nature, Father Time, and Life for giving me gray hairs at 33!
FUCK YOU Stephen for being a shitty fucking sperm donor! The children are better off without you anyway!
FUCK YOU stress! Go the FUCK away!

We have decided that we are taking the kids to Disney World for Thanksgiving next year. So I am being a good wife and contributing to the vacation fund. I am taking my cigarette money and putting it into the savings account along with his deployment pay. I am also going to dump my Coke money in there also. NOT DRUGS! Well it's crack to me. If you have the pleasure of being around me in the morning before I have one then you understand the meaning of  "Jen's Crack". Which leads me to the second part of my blog!

 This is the list of things I will be changing next year.
1. No Cokes AT ALL!
2. No Smokes. Not even one in the morning!
3. I will learn to make every dish that Nate loves. Not only learn to make it, but perfect it! Which means I will be learning to eat the dishes also.
4. I will try with every ounce of me to widen my variety of foods. I already started with salsa!
5. I will and I repeat "I WILL" start shopping for Christmas in February!

So there is my list of items I will be changing starting January 1, 2011 at 12:01 a.m. Let's just hope I can at least carry the first 2 out at least for the first 3 days since that is the hardest

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sparkling with new polish!

I figured since the kids were playing with their gifts and the hubby is busy playing with his I would make use of mine. Today had its speed bumps. All in all it was a good day despite a few set backs and some minor kid issues. My hubby did a wonderful job shopping for me. He paid attention this year. Honestly he knew 3 things that I love. LSU, Make-up, and nail polish! He has crossed over to the dark side as he puts it! I got a LSU license plate that he put on the truck! That's right.. He put it on HIS truck. Shocking I know! He then picked me up a new hoodie! He paid attention to me wanting a new LSU hoodie!!! I am so happy with that. Now I have my Ohio State and my LSU! My wardrobe is complete. Well, almost! I am so praying for those Jimmy Choo's!!!! I want them so badly! My third gift was a make-up and nail polish set. With none other then purple nail polish!!!! Seriously there is nothing in the set that I will not use at least once.
I set out to create a new design on my nails. Of course I had to use the deep purple, my gold glitter (Seriously I need SPARKLES!), and my new white detail polish! This is what I came up with.

 I still needed to clean up the edges when I took the pictures but I wanted to share my newest creation with you all. I couldn't find my yellow so the gold was the next best thing. Only problem is I have to speed order gold Sprinkles from Eye Candy! While I was doing my nails I came up with a look for my eyes! I am going to try it with the gold eyeshadow I have, but I just don't think it's going to be the same sparkle as my nails.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I know personally my night is going a lot better then my day did.
*Hugs and Kisses*

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holy Flying Fucking Cows!!!!!!!

Yes, cows fly, they fuck and they are holy! So don't criticize me about the cows! Damn tree hugger! I know what comes from cows asses. That is why I carry an umbrella so I don't get cow shit on my head! You should also!
I have recently been reading through the blogs that I follow and well I am impressed. I am new to this blog world. I am also very random. I will tell you if something upsets me. I ain't scared! LMAO!
I have a wonderful husband who at times makes me very angry. He likes to take the blame when something goes wrong. He acts like the battered spouse! LMAO. It makes me so angry that is takes the blame for shit that is out of his fucking control! Seriously, everything. Before you nosey bitches run to the company let me inform you... He is not the battered spouse! I am! I don't get my BMW for at least 3 more years! No BMW till he hits his E-7! Seriously, How mean is that! LOL! I am a princess I deserve a royal carriage! I have settled for 2011 Ford F-350! That is truly a royal carriage!
Next order of business. If you have any reviews of toys or know where I can get one from the comfort of my home please share! I need a new on in the worst way! I know some of my readers are like me and are totally open. Let's face it. I can write about this shit easier then I can talk about it face to Always been that way. Also if there are contests running where I can get one for free direct me there. I am a little short on the cash this week. (Thanks to Vernon Parrish!)
Oh and please women I beg you! If you are with a man that was previously married and has children make that sorry bastard see his kids! The exes kids came before your kids. They need love from their daddy just like your kids do. Oh, and one more thing. Don't front to other women that you are a great step-mother! Specially if you blog and your blog doesn't even included his other 4 kids! Fuck You Bitch! You ain't fooling anyone! 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ba Fucking Humbug!

With Christmas only like 4 days away I should be a happy go lucky jolly girl! Well that just isn't the fucking case this year. In the span of 4 days everything has fallen apart! Literally! The cats broke the tree, I broke my CHI, I dropped my fave eyeshadow on the floor, lost a contact, broke the damn desktop (which I just fixed), stubbed my two 5 fucking times, and fell down the stairs AGAIN! In the meantime I have 3 screaming happy kids who only want to talk about Santa and the reindeer! I almost told them I killed Santa and they ate the reindeer for dinner last night! Seriously! Santa was at the Shopette today! Yes I got to get pictures of the kids with Santa but I wanted to beat the poor guy dressed as Santa! That's right. Had my kids not been with me I probably would have knocked him out with a gallon of Crown Royal!
Ethan's doctor didn't help much with her wisdom and scheduled testing in Shreveport ( 2 mother fucking hours away) since the doctor she replaced never did it! Yea, great you are doing testing, but damn 2 hours away? It's the closest doctor that can do these tests for children! Seriously, Louisiana needs to fucking work on this shit! Louisiana needs a fucking overhaul and they need to let me do it! I would fire every-fucking-body! Seriously I am not having a great day and well let's just say "Thank God Jen can't get plastic explosives!" Someone shoot me or cancel Christmas! I prefer canceling Christmas! It would be easier.
Oh, it's 3 more days till Christmas! Damn I am taking down the calendars!!!!!! Let's hope tomorrow is a better day!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Massive FUCK YOU Monday

It's Monday yet again! Oh Monday how I hate you so! This is a whole new list of FUCK YOU's! So if you are easily offended DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! Also if you are reading this just to run to my husband's work to try to start shit... please read it! By all means rush to rear-detachment and tell them what I wrote! I encourage it. After all it gives me more readers!
FUCK YOU Cats for yet again fucking with the Christmas tree! I swear you will all be no legged cats before this Holiday is over!
FUCK YOU DNA that made me so fucking emotional! Seriously? Did you have to make me so fucking emotional?
FUCK YOU a huge FUCK YOU to my toy for deciding it wanted to die!  This is not a good time for you to decide you don't want to work! I give you batteries when you need fresh ones and this is how you repay me? Leaving me hanging!
FUCK YOU refrigerator for running out of cokes! I know you are hiding them and I need one. It's not fucking funny!
FUCK YOU mother nature! Aryanna is sick the week before Christmas! Which means by Christmas Eve all three of them will be sick!
FUCK YOU Nate for not taking your phone downstairs! I had to turn the Alarm off at 5 a.m.! Which lead me to getting out of bed at 5:45. You were already gone! Good thing!
FUCK YOU neighbors for having a dog that feels the need to bark at EVERYTHING! Seriously I will choke your fucking dog if you don't do something about the barking!
FUCK YOU stairs! Seriously do you have to trip me so much. I am sick and tired of falling down you! Are you trying to kill me? Are you and the cats working together? I think so! FUCK YOU!
FUCK YOU face for still being swollen! I managed to hit my own face yesterday and then when I fell down the stairs this morning I managed to hit the same side on the baseboard and bust my lip open again!
As you can tell it's one of those mornings. I should just crawl back in my bed and go back to sleep. Oh wait I can't. I now have three kids complaining they are hungry and there is nothing to eat. Seriously? There are waffles! Seriously? There is cereal!!!! Ethan and Aryanna have already started fighting! These two are going to to end up duck taped in the closet!!!! OK, so I would never do that but damn they need to quit I love them so much but sometimes I want to knock their heads together and say "Get over it". I hope the rest of this day gets better. If it doesn't I am getting a bottle of Capt. Morgan and hiding in my room!!!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday, Oh Bloody Sunday!

I have found out that my husbands knee is very hard. My face got into a small argument with his knee and his knee won! Now before you all start tripping and think he's fucking beating me read the rest of the blog! I was tickling him and he tried to get away. This is when my face decided to jump in front of his knee! Try explaining to a man that feels horrible that you are OK. Not very effective when you are bleeding from the mouth and teary eyed. He felt so bad. It was my fault and well it's funny now! My lip and face are swollen, but if you could have seen the way it happened.. OMG it was epic! I swear he is still upset that he hurt me. Though it never fails that every time we wrestle I seem to get hurt. I guess I am accident prone. LMAO!
I have decided to make a bubble wrap suit for when we wrestle. Only it has to be pink bubble wrap!
We started baking today. Correction he did. He had a taste for key lime pie. So he is making one.
OMG, there is a crawfish vendor at the 24 hour Shopette and I want to ROB him so bad! Though something about Crawfish in December strikes me as odd, but I am getting some. Prolly not a great idea with a busted lip
It's been an awesome fucking weekend kind of. Great family time! Rockband 3 is Awesome! The fucking priceless part was watching my oldest daughter stare at us while we were singing "Walking on The Sun"! She had to question if that song was even! OMG, the track lists are endless!
 I also found a late Christmas Present for myself thanks to Xsparkage! I have been looking for a way (other then eyelash glue) to use my glitters! I now have an idea! Eye Kandy's Liquid Sugar!!!! So yes I need some! Then I got to looking at their Glitters then I realized I need their fucking glitters too! The pink is so fucking awesomely bright and sparkly!!!! Yes I know I am all about sparkles. Get the fuck over it and move on!
 You see! Look at the endless possibilities!!!! I am in glitter heaven!!!!! OK. So enough about Eye Kandy! I love Xsparkage because she is fabfuckingtabulous!!!!!!!!! I Love her looks and I am so loving her newest Candy Cane eyes look!!!! It gave me inspiration for my rainbow eyes!!! Thank you Xsparkage!
I am off to enjoy the rest of my day with the family! Have a great and wonderful Sunday!!!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Simply Kendra and Miss' Boudoir READ NOW!

OMG, I am so fucking retarded! Yes I admit it I am retarded, but still awesome as hell! Before you comment on the retard part make sure this blog doesn't have your name in it first! LMAO! As you know I received my first award. YEA ME! What I failed to do is follow the stipulations for accepting this award! I have to give it to TWO people I think deserve this award.

I have linked the wonderful lady I received it from to the trophy! You should add her if you don't follow her you are SUCKING! She is FUCKING awesome! So with out further delay I now introduce the two awesome bitches I chose for the award and will let you know why they deserve this!

Winner #1!!!!!
This girl is amazing! I have my personal make-up consultant! Yes I know her. We attended the lame ass Natchitoches Central together.(I say lame because it's a small close minded town that will suck your will to live!) Anyway, she is most amazing with her artistic ideas and well she is certified in make-up! How awesome is that! She is working on her own line of make-up which I have personally sampled and I must say "Naughty" is the best purple ever!!!!!! OMG It is AWESOME like her! So Kendra you so very much deserve the "We don't hate you award" In fact We love you!!!!!!!!! You should all follow Kendra too! Big things are going to be coming from her!

Winner #2
Thanks to Ange I met this wonderful lady! Hell I even applied to be her bitch! Why would I do that you ask. Well, she is fucking awesome! Ange says she has great big nice BOOBS!!!!! Which is a huge plus! LMAO. She is awesome. Very nice and she was most helpful with working me through some of the blog shit I couldn't figure out on my own! She writes awesome blogs! Read her too! I must tell you though she is wild! She likes to show her BOOBS a lot from what I have heard and well I have yet to see them... (wait am I giving this to you then) Fuck it! She is awesome and deserves it!

Enjoy your award ladies I hope you like it. You do not have to link it back to me, but I would like for everyone to see you got it! So please put it on your blog! If you don't.. well I am honestly not going to do anything about it...LMAO! Have a good one! Remember Follow all three of the Ladies I linked in this post!!!

Fuck You's and Blog Stalking Friday!

Two things today! 
 It's Fuck You Friday! This will go rather perfectly with the Massive FUCK YOU Monday!
FUCK YOU mister electric guy that tested the meter without warning! You caused me to lose about 3 pages of fucking data!!!!!!!!
FUCK YOU stupid whore of a fucking neighbor who yet again asked me if I could get weed. She yet again stunk of Liquor! I feel sorry for her baby that is due in 3 weeks!!!!!!! What a fucking whore bag!
FUCK YOU Ducati for being a fucking bitch and shredding my Echo Jacket lining!!!!!!! I swear your days are numbered bitch!
FUCK YOU to the asshole that decided to take the last fucking 5th of Jameson!!!!! I wanted that for my husband! Douche bottle!
FUCK YOU weather for being 70 degrees yesterday and now its like 30! ONLY IN LOUISIANA!!!!!

Next thing!
 It's BSF - Blog Stalking Friday! I posted the rules for the chick running it. Follow the link, Tell her I sent you, and DON'T SUCK! If you do not see my link when you go that means I sucked and deleted Just a heads up. She is like me. She will make fun of you then delete you! I am even scared to link up, but I am grabbing my balls and going for it. Yes, Women have balls ours are just inverted and larger then men's!!!! So go stalk some blogs! There are some awesome ladies out there!

Blog Stalk Friday

[via The Man!]
A few people haven't been following the rules,
so I'm gonna have to start posting them.
1. Don't Fucking Suck.
2. The BSF Button [above] MUST be in your post.
3. Don't Fucking Suck!!!
4. The SLUTCODE must be in your post somewhere.
5. Don't Fucking Suck!!!!!!!
6. Link up your POST not your main page.
7. DON'T FUCKING SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
8. If you SUCK, don't LINK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. Make sure that you fucking rock!!!
10. If you FUCKING SUCK, and still link up,
She will delete you! After she makes fun of you!
Got it? Good!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

No Sparkles tonight

I have to take a few minutes and question a few things that concern me. OK, so they really piss me off! First things first! It's illegal to drive while chatting on your cell phone! This I can almost ( I said ALMOST) agree with. It's the texting while driving that should be illegal. Wait that's illegal also. So anyway, why on God's green earth which is not so fucking green is it alright for cops and M.P's to drive while chatting on the phone? I just want to know for one second how on Earth can you fucking write me a ticket for talking on my phone when you were talking on yours and just ran me off the road!?!?! It doesn't make a damn bit of sense! Then they have these rent-a-cops on post! Seriously a glorified security guard! Those are the worst! I haven't met one yet that actually is a decent human being and is nice. They all have chips on their shoulders like they are actually serving a purpose. The purpose is to give the lazy ass M.P's some help! I think out of all the calls I have seen in the past year And there have been a lot only about 10% have been M.P's. They need to get rid of the authority abusing rent-a-cops and make the M.P.'s do their job! Don't get me wrong I have seen some M.P's on cell phones while driving also. If we have to follow the rules and laws they should have to also! The abuse of authority is really pissing me off! I notice it more and more.
Onto my next item of business. It is not OK in the least bit to ask your neighbor if they smoke pot! Never ever ask me if I smoke pot when I have never spoken to you! Let alone ask if I know how to acquire some! Stupid bitches! I wanted to choke the whore. Who by the way is 8 months pregnant and smelled horribly of fucking liquor! This post is full of stupid people! Don't even get me started with the bratty ass kids who ring door bells and knock on doors then take off running. Yea, it's a funny childish prank, but I now refuse to go to my door. So if you know me and you are coming over call first or else you may be stuck outside.
I hope everyone had a wonderful day because mine personally went pretty fucking bad!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mixed Emotions

Many of you know the hubby has been on rear-detachment. He wanted to be with the guys and didn't want to be left behind. We have had issues since they put him on rear-detachment. He's tired, frustrated, stressed, and just strung out with the work load. We were accepting the idea that this is how it's got to be for a year. I may not like it, but its for his career. Just when we had a game plan and ways to fix it the whole situation clanged! It's changed for the better for him. He is SRP'ing, and pulling RFI. In civilian terms he is getting his gear and all his briefs. While he is extremely happy I can't help but have a knot in my chest. Oh the joys of supporting your soldier! He doesn't have a set date. He could finish drawing everything today and have to go tomorrow. He could have to go Christmas Eve. The hardest thing is the kids were comfy with daddy on rear-detachment. I am not upset he has to go. It's his job. This is part of being a spouse. You take the bad with the good. I am extremely grateful I got the extra time with him when our friends didn't get that time. Even if they take him before Christmas we still got Thanksgiving. I am just scared shitless! I love my husband very much. If he came home today and said baby I am leaving tomorrow I would make tonight perfect for him then cry my eyes out tomorrow. The kids are old enough to understand. I know they will go through emotions. They will be depressed, but they know daddy will come home. I have mad props for my friend who has 4 babies. All 4 in diapers. Young little cute buttons and she is doing it with her hubby gone. I know I can do it. It's just that no matter how strong you are your heart feels the effect of saying "See You Later". So with this being said there will probably be a halt on my blogs. Not sure yet, but I want to spend as much time as I can with him. Oh, and Nathaniel if you read this. I want you to know I love you with all my heart. Just please be careful and stay as safe as you can.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Massive FUCK YOU Monday

 Well now. It seems people are reading blog. Perhaps following it in the shadows. Are they too scared to let me see they are following me? I say they are. My husband just came home to tell me the news! Someone in this sad town, on this sad post, and at his sad unit is reading my blog. I think it's great that they want to read my blog. What I don't think is great is that they want to say I am hurting my husbands career. They think what I am writing is horrible and it should not be written! Why hide behind the shadows? Why not just leave a comment. Scared? LMAO! I think so. I tell it like it is! I am not about to sugar coat my thoughts, my feeling, or my opinions! I do not speak to half the women here because all they do is gossip about people behind their Point proven with someone asking my husband about MY blog. That's right it's MY blog. So fuck off! If you don't like what I write then don't fucking read it. Plain and simple. You claim its hurting his career.... well you taking it to the office is hurting his career. Ask anyone that knows me. I do things my way! Not your way. That is what makes me different. I love having fans. Haters are your biggest fans! In case you need a reminder of what I think about this situation and the people that are talking shit here is another reminder.
 Onto my list for Massive FUCK YOU Monday:
1. FUCK YOU Obama. Yea that's right. I said it. This is an automatic number 1. every Monday. Tax breaks for the rich? Are you serious? You should be handing out raises to the military instead of wanting to cut them!
2. FUCK YOU nosey bitches. The ones that are reading this only to see what kind of dirt they can get and what kind of gossip they can spread. You are making me famous! Keep up the good work!
3. FUCK YOU television stations for strategically planning to run all the cool commercials for new toys when my children are watching cartoons!
3. FUCK YOU Army for making policies that are ridiculous and keeping my husband from deploying. He wanted to go, but instead he is stuck with mounds of paper work and babysitting douche bags. All the cool kids got to deploy! LOL
4. FUCK YOU Picerne for charging for electric when you already get to much money for the piece of shit house we live in! Then you will not give us an extra bedroom without having to do another exception to policy!!!!! This one is too small!
5. FUCK YOU to the state of Louisiana for having shitty roads!
6. FUCK YOU Louisiana DMV for charging an arm and a leg to get license back!
7. FUCK YOU Leesville for not having enough jobs!
8. FUCK YOU to the next person who thinks my husband is actually going to make me delete my blogs!

Freedom of speech. I can hate what I want, when I want, and whoever I want! The sooner we get out of this shit whole the better. Oh and one more thing. Since someone feels this is hurting my husbands career perhaps you should check the spouses that are cheating on their husbands. Perhaps you should worry yourself with the soldiers that cheat on their spouses. Perhaps you should check to see that I care about your opinion! So keep reading and make sure you get every detail in my blogs. I am looking forward to hearing that others are finding out about my blog!

A Tribute to Larry!

My best friend Larry is an awesome guy that has been through so much. It's been hard for him due to the struggles he has faced. It's not easy paying for sex from illegal midgets. Everyone deserves to get laid. He has a great personality, awesome blue eyes that sparkle, and wide shoulders. I am going to take you down a road describing my best friend. What a better way then to add pictures! This way you can see the man I am proud to call my best friend!
We were almost married back in the day.

I had to come clean and tell daddy that it was Nate's baby. I couldn't have my best friend mad at me. As you can see he is not bad looking. Sadly though this is where his life took a turn for the worse! He started paying for sex and got addicted to illegal midgets. They were expensive and he had to find a way to support his addition. He lost his job at Quickie Mart. So this is what he did for money.

I know it's a sad picture, but it's my best friend. He started stripping in retirement homes, giving oral  to 65 year old ladies, and even giving head to the older men that could get it up! I was there by his side the whole time. Trying to help him. Sadly the retirement home got another performer and they kicked him to the curb. Leaving him jobless and no way to afford his midgets he sunk into deep depression and gained a lot of weight!

My poor best friend still managed to smile for me. It was getting out of hand so I had to get some help! I convinced him to start following Jenny Craig and managed to get him off the couch! ( with a fork lift, but we did it)

Sad thing is he loved McDonald's! The cokes and fries gave him energy! I was so proud of him for taking the effort to get back into shape!!!! I was a step closer to my Larry hugs that made so happy. I was to afraid get one at this point for fear I might end up with crushed lung or something! Not to mention the fries that were stuck in his rolls! EWWW. But I still cared for my friend! We started working out and I managed to get him to go on vacation with me! I was so excited to do things with my best friend!

 The weight was coming off! He was looking better and feeling better! He even managed to get a blow job from a 67 year old prostitute without having to pay for it! I was so proud of him! I love the way the sunset makes his bikini glow! After our wonderful vacation he was more active! He was letting his hair grow and took up golf.
 See how much weight he lost! It took a year but he did a wonderful job!!! Throughout the year he started going to the gym and dieting! He was on his way to becoming fabulous! We had a hard time hiding midgets from him though. I didn't want him to sink back into the dark times. It was hard, but we managed! It was getting warmer out and it's time for pool parties and B.BQ's

 Doesn't he just look great! You can really see the transformation! The kids enjoyed having Uncle Larry swim with them! He had so much energy this day! Nate even hooked him up with the barracks rat! Larry got free head again! His life was on the right track! With this new found energy he found that diets do work. That and Gastric Bypass surgery! We hopped in the car and headed to Baton Rouge! The doctors weren't sure if they would see progress, but anything was worth a try. The surgery was hard on him. It's was a long year and a half. The next picture I have is a shocking after picture. It's the only one from this time period but I know you will enjoy seeing the change!

 See what a wonderful job the doctors did! It took 7 surgeries and a dump truck, but he is healthy!!!! With his new found body his confidence picked up. He was dating and having a blast! He decided to audition for a movie! I managed to snap a picture of his scene!
 It was a great day! Though he didn't get the job he still had a blast. Him and Nate started working out. They started doing steroids and traveling the country. Neither of them would tell me what they were doing till I came across a wrestling magazine and seen their pictures. I will share one with you.
 They almost got away with it! They ended up getting caught for using steroids and got fired. So they ended up back him. Where they sit, drink beer, and play Rock Band! I am so proud of my best friend for losing the weight! It's been a hard life for him and deserves happiness!

Now I have to say my best friend is awesome. Truly awesome. I hope you enjoyed learning about his life as much as I enjoyed showing you and telling you. I should on the other hand show you what he truly looks like since he has never been that He might have actually been addicted to midgets though. Here is my best friend Larry.

 This is the real Larry. Though I am probably going to be dead when he sees the blog...lmao! Oh, and for you single He's single! His only down fall! HE DOESN'T LIKE BIG BOOBS!!!!!!! LMAO

I have gotten my first award!

It has been an eventful weekend for us! My daughter had her choir performance in Alexandria on Saturday. We were at the mall for like 3 hours! I didn't shop at all. Shocking yes I know! It was her day. They got rained out at the Zoo, but the mall show was awesome! Well worth the trip. Sunday we sat around and did silly stuff all day! I mean silly. I added some pictures to premade imikimi's. I had a blast doing it. Though the hubby called me a dick on several occasions. It was so worth I should be sleeping but insomnia is kicking my arse. 5 a.m. is going to kill me. I am glad I decided to read blogs that I have slacked on the past two days! I would have missed I received an awesome award from Ange and Jason. It's my first one!!! I couldn't be more excited!
I also managed to get pictures of the make-up I did Saturday. Not great but you can see that I am in love with "Naughty" from Simply Kendra!
This was our silly face picture. Zoe loves the camera like mommy does so it makes for interesting photos when I let her direct what we do.
We also found out last night that Ethan (the very intelligent 7 year old) has seen the presents in our closet. So in my frustration I had him bring the Halo Tank that is remote controlled and fires lasers downstairs. He was so excited and then I got to crush his happiness like he crushed mine. I informed him that he was getting that for Christmas, but now we are donating that hard to find collectors edition awesome tank to the homeless! Yes I was mean. I have had that since Halo Reach came out! It's not something you can find everyday and I was sooo looking forward to seeing his face on Christmas morning! So since he sucked and went snooping he will not be opening the one gift he would have loved. He shouldn't have been a brat!
Since we are on the subject of Christmas. My girls decided that they would give up every present if they could have a Kinect for Christmas. Seriously what kind of kids want to give up opening their gifts? Obviously I raised great girls!!!! We have decided that since they want to be so selfless that we have to comply. Dad decided to give them Kinect and 3 gifts. So I will be in a mad dash race to log into the Gamestop account and check rewards points at midnight on Tuesday. Hopefully we can still get the bundle and get it here in time. Shit, it's 1:23 and I am wide awake with nothing left to write about so I guess you guys are lucky. I hope you have a fabfuckingtastic week! 

Friday, December 10, 2010

I think I am killing my marriage.

I have been with Nate for almost 4 years. You would think that since we have been together for a while I would be completely happy and content. Well, I am, but. 8 years of a man cheating on me every time I turned around has fucked up my head! Yes, I have to admit that while Stephen got his freedom and got to go on with his life I am stuck with the after affects. Not only am I stuck with the after affects apparently so is Nate. With his new duties and responsibilities came new hours and new routines. I do not adapt well to change. This everyone knows. I hate change! Going in extra early, working through lunch, working late, and not having time to call during the day has just wrecked my kingdom! I couldn't help myself and let my worries over run my brain. I accused him of cheating. Yes, I am aware that people are going to say she must be cheating since she accused him. If you think that you are funny. I have 3 kids. During the day they are at school. I am either on Xbox Live playing Black Ops or on Facebook. Trust me my life is an open book. I don't hide anything.

Without looking at the big picture and assuming all men are dogs my thoughts ran with the cheating. Not thinking that this is rear-detachment. There is a considerable amount of paperwork. Not to mention this is not a bunch of squared away soldiers. There are reasons these guys didn't go. Some are chapters, some are busted up waiting on chapters, and well some of them are just pieces of shit! (I call having a shit load of coke in your barracks room a piece of shit. Not the drinkable kind either) I added the schedule to the lack of energy to please me and I decided yea he has to be doing something. Rationally now I know he isn't cheating. He doesn't have time. He doesn't even go to the bar with the guys. He will not do anything that doesn't involve me and the kids. I was fucked up to think that! Even more fucked up that I actually believed he was.

He is a great man. I love him to pieces but there has got to be a way to get over this shit! I know it's going to always be there! There is no way around that, but how in the hell do you get past it? I have tried everything short of killing my X-husband. Even though that will not get rid of the scars I will carry forever. I am over the X-husband. I was over him before divorce was decided. Point of the jumbled random blog is... I want to stop accusing him before I drive him away. It's starting to get to him. I am slowly getting better. I no longer read his text messages when he is sleeping. (Yes I used to do that!) I no longer go behind his back and check his email folders. (Guilty) Most importantly I feel comfortable enough to know if he's alone with my friends I know nothing will happen.

I put myself in his shoes. I on the other hand cheated on him when he was in Iraq. He doesn't see it as cheating but I do. He never once has accused me. I leave a paper trail when I am out of the house, and always make sure he knows where I am. He has all my passwords. Yes ALL of them. Its my way of knowing he can see everything I do. I like it that way. When I add someone new on Facebook I tell him who they are and how I know them. My general rule... never do anything that I would get pissed at him for doing.
If I have to question something then I usually don't do it. I have messed up and done them anyway only to find out I shouldn't have done them. So if you can think of ways I can make this situation better I welcome ideas. I plan on getting him trashed tonight purely for my entertainment and my own

I do love you Nathaniel. I may be a crazed lunatic sometimes but I love you!

Ange is going to kill me.

Ange, I am following you for 2 reasons. You are absolutely amazing and I love reading your blogs. With this being said I have a dare for you guys! You must pick up the following items and proceed to the check-out line at your nearest Wal-Mart.
1. Extra Large Squash
2. A box of condoms. (Magnum XL for shock value)
3. Vaseline
but wait it gets better.
4. Monistat 7
Now you do not have to purchase them. You can inform the cashier that you wish to no longer purchase those Which makes it even better! LMAO
Much love enjoy your vacation and keep writing those Awesome blogs!

Her husband also Blogs. As well as her children. Awesomeness to the full extent!

With this being said I have decided to play along.
I am not really 100 % on this whole blogging thing but it's getting easier. Here is how you play.
1. Write a blog about either a dare you would like to see me do or a truth you are dieing to know.
2. After you write it leave me a link in my comment under this blog so I can go check it out. Possibly even sweat a little, but this is going to be fun!
3. Then join the fun and play along!

1. If it's a dare, I will perform it and provide photographic evidence ( Even though I am against evidence of anything I do)
2. If it's a truth I will answer it honestly. Be prepared... Never ask a question you aren't sure you want to know the answer of.

1. I live on post so take that into consideration. My husband is in the Army and well we can't do anything that would cause me to catch a charge. (Unless you are sending the bail money)
2. If it includes my hubby it must be a dare that is legal. Well, I better add that for myself too.
3. Be creative! Have fun and join Ange's celebration!
 She has over 200 followers in less then a year! This is a great way to celebrate!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fuck Everything It's a bad day.

OK. So yea, I am going to rant until my fingers can't type anymore. That is the point of blogging right? To get your feelings out and let the world know about how you feel and what pisses you off. I woke up in one of those moods where I just wanted to throw something! I knew it wasn't going to be a good day! Oh and I was so right. Emotional melt down and anxiety attack in less then 1 hour of being awake! I look in the mirror and somehow over night or well in 2 days I have fucking grey hair!!!!! At the age of 33!!! NO FUCKING WAY! So yea I can see why there is no spark in the bedroom! Clearly thinking it was my husband being tired, but I am thinking it me. Honestly, how many men want to have sex with a 33 year old woman with grey fucking hair and stretch marks????? Especially when they are younger. I have had it with trying to fix things that are not going to be fixed. I can't drive legally! It's my fault but I am still going to bitch about it! I still drive. I refuse to be stuck at the house when I need to go somewhere! Not going to happen! I have set out on a fucking mission to go look for another job. I don't give a fuck if its flipping burgers at God damned McDonalds! I need to get out of the house! The walls are closing in and I think I may end up blowing something up.
I am watching my happy kingdom come apart at the seems and it's pissing me off! Why on Earth does everyone say the woman changes after you get married? Men change too! Why blame women? Sometimes I just want to scream at the bitch that hits me with her cart at the Commissary! Its like road rage! I just want to plow into people who take up the whole damn isle or the ones that jump in front of you to get to the last pack of beef sausage because the coupon lady gave her the last coupon. I say fuck your coupon that was my sausage! I can be a bitch when shopping. We all know it's true. Christmas brings out the worst in me. If my kid wanted a toy and there are no more on the shelf... I will take it out of a cart! Yes I am that person. I will go to jail over a 40 Dollar baby doll! Try me.
Neighbors, everybody has a neighbor that can't stand! I have 3! They have parties and block my drive-way. One of them feels it's OK to bring their fights into the backyard for all of us to hear! I don't want to hear that your fucking husband is fucking the midget stripper! I don't need to hear about your vagina being infected due to him fucking everyone in Sleaze ville!!!!!! The third neighbor (who's husband is deployed) is fucking 8 months pregnant and has like 3 guys at her place and drinks every night! She was fucking trashed the other night! I wanted to kill the bitch! I hate neighbors!
See I told you I was in a shitty mood! No good can come of a day like this. I feel like I am 50, I am beached whale, and I need a xanax! Fuck you Fort Polk. Fuck you pharmacy for not refilling my Xanax! Fuck every single bitch that is 115 pounds, has perky boobs, and doesn't have GREY HAIR!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Wonderful, Sexy, and Loving Husband

I decided before I start down the endless road of blogging I would take a moment to tell you all about my wonderful husband. Yes, we did in fact meet at the strip club! I know some of you are thinking that is where it started, wrong. It was night 2 at Wild Rides! After drinking shots, dancing the night away, riding the bull, and giving the cab driver a show he will not forget the magic started! Yes, the cab driver saw my boobs. Thanks to Nathaniel. From then on we were stuck together like glue. That was April! In July he proposed. Under fireworks in the mountains of New Mexico! Romantic!
In November of 2007 he left for Iraq. We had a hard time and almost didn't make it. (He was stubborn) I really think he wanted to make sure that I was seriously in love with him. I still don't why he loves me so much, but he says he does so I guess I should believe him. Considering in April it will 4 years together! It's been a ride. A fun ride. We found out we both like closets! No, I am not going back into the closet. I jumped out screaming and refuse to go We like the momentary visit to the closet. O.K. so it's more like the idea of a bondage chamber! Shhh just imagine... it's great!

We were married on May 9th. A wonderful day. It wasn't almost a wonderful day. I was pulling a bitch move and throwing a fit. Yes, me. I know it's hard to believe, but I was 30 minutes late to my wedding just to make him sweat! I admit it I wanted him to sit there wondering if I was going to show just like he made me wait for 3 weeks before telling me were back together! I know it was wrong but I wanted to make sure he would call to see if I was coming or if he would simply walk away. He didn't. We exchanged vows and he signed the ownership papers giving up his rights to his

It's been perfectly imperfect. With each bump we grow closer. With each hurdle our love grows. I married my best friend. He completes me in every way! Let's face it. Sex matters. If it sucked I wouldn't be here. Yea, I am a bitch. I will not go another 8 years faking orgasms. I no longer have to! It's wonderful! He is my world. My everything. I am grateful he found me and grateful he chose to marry me. If you ask me I think it's the head. He says it's the whole package so if you have the pleasure of knowing us years from now here is what you will see. 2 old wrinkled people sitting on the porch drinking a beer and making fun of each other. You may even occasionally see his nuts since he is fond of showing people "The Goat". Don't ask if you don't know. It's rather, um, yea, we will leave that for another blog. Until then peace out. Remember feel your tata's, and if you can, be sure you feel someone elses!

Random thoughts for Thursday

I have been playing with the layout of my blog and it's driving me crazy! I can't seem to remember any of my HTML information I have stored in my brain. I think I shorted that side of my brain out. Seriously I can't remember how to make buttons, design graphics, or make things look better! I want Sparkles DAMN IT! I have been touring around at the people I am following and getting ideas. I wonder how in the hell is their's so cute when mine looks like a cheap knock-off? Oh well, my create side will win and it will eventually be the cutest most sparkling

I had to call ELF this morning about my order. For those of you that do not know about ELF it's I ran off to their site after seeing a review Kendra did after she returned from their store. Seriously, the thought of 1 to 9 dollar make-up and having it be compared to MAC is a big plus! There it was right in front of me a whole site devoted to make-up at a very nice cost! So I ordered like 6 lip glosses. I intended for 2 of those to be stocking stuffers! I had to get some of their brushes since my 224 and 217 MAC brushes came up missing. (Thank You Zoe) Kendra stated in her review that they would easily replace them! Yes I am all for that! Now to the horrible part of the order. It seems their warehouse was overstocked with orders that processing is going to take a while! My order still hasn't shipped and it was placed on the 1st! How heartbreaking! I will make due as usual and next time I order I will plan ahead for the wait.

I have spent 2 hours on this contraption searching for ideas to increase the spark in my bedroom. Since it is clear that my spark is a raging fire while the husbands is a spark. Everything pretty much said drug him with Roofy's and have a blast! My only problem with that is I like it when he takes charge! I don't want to have to do all the work! Let's face it, I am a freak! I love my hair pulled and I like it rough :) The one thing I did come up with is a vacation. Which would mean leaving the kids for the weekend and going away with each other. I also found an awesome site that I ordered a little something special from! I have been looking at my stripper shoes wondering if I should sell them to the local bar or find a way to use them. (Maybe I should explain my shoes.. they have a 5 inch wide platform heel, they are clear, and the straps over the toes are plastic with rhinestones. They strap around your ankle! If you have been to a strip club you have seen my shoes! I love them. They look cute with jeans. I Well I found a way to use them and maybe get laid in the process. One can only hope that it leads to that. This rear-detachment crap has him so stressed and tired that it doesn't leave any energy for pleasing his wife. Do I fault him? No. I blame the Army. Let's blame them for everything! More to come on this topic. Have a blessed day and may you all get lucky ;)

The 1st official Blog!!!!

So in keeping to my promises I must by all means open my blog with a review about a wonderful friend and her awesome eyeshadows!!!!! Kendra! She mailed me 2 samples from her line she is designing. One is Fluffybutt. An awesome light pink. Which SPARKLES! Perfect for blush and eyeshadow! I will add pictures as soon as I can get them uploaded. The other was a lovely purple shade which Sparkles! The name is Naughty! Which is indeed my FAVE! Color payout is wonderful and blending is a 10 out of 10. Great things are going to be coming from Simply Kendra! Her make-up looks are just awesome! I can't simply think of anything else to say except they are WONDERFUL! As soon as she gets things moving be sure to check those out! I have put my MAC aside and will be using Naughty in its place. It's a better shade and did I mention it SPARKLES?

Be sure you follow her! Big things are coming!

So onto another part of my blog since I am combining all these wonderful things in my first blog I must join the naughty list!

I have been naughty this week, have you?  If so, play along.

Here are the rules:

1.  Follow me (if you are cool you are already doing that anyway).
2. Follow MissC, and be sure to tell her how much you love her, but that if anyone besides her would be running The Naughty List, you are glad it is me.
3. Follow any and all guest hosts.
4. Use the button in your post.
5. Link up and tell your friends.

Share with us about what you did naughty this week.  It can be anything, from allowing your children to eat cereal for dinner, to slashing your neighbors tires.  It could be as simple as faking a headache to get out of sex, to calling in sick to work to spend the day bumping uglies.  Anything, whatever you did that is naughty.

So here is my list!!!!
1. I totally keyed a ladies car because she hit my truck with her car door and didn't even apologize!
2. I so totally got mad at the hubby for not giving me any that I masturbated next to him in bed while watching youporn on my phone.
3. I so totally got angry at Staff Duty for not patching me through to my husband (during what I felt was a melt down) that I called them back just to say "Fuck you and have a shitty day"!
4. I got so mad about no one cleaning up after themselves that I refuse to wash clothes till they use the last pair of underwear!
5. I purposely got my hubby a new hate in hopes he will retire the one he wears everyday! It's so old and tore up!
6. I am plotting a way to hire Mexican midgets to do my laundry since I hate laundry!
There you have it. My list that I have done since Monday.
I hope you all enjoyed the first blog. I know it was thrown together. I promise it will get better!!!