Friday, December 17, 2010

Fuck You's and Blog Stalking Friday!

Two things today! 
 It's Fuck You Friday! This will go rather perfectly with the Massive FUCK YOU Monday!
FUCK YOU mister electric guy that tested the meter without warning! You caused me to lose about 3 pages of fucking data!!!!!!!!
FUCK YOU stupid whore of a fucking neighbor who yet again asked me if I could get weed. She yet again stunk of Liquor! I feel sorry for her baby that is due in 3 weeks!!!!!!! What a fucking whore bag!
FUCK YOU Ducati for being a fucking bitch and shredding my Echo Jacket lining!!!!!!! I swear your days are numbered bitch!
FUCK YOU to the asshole that decided to take the last fucking 5th of Jameson!!!!! I wanted that for my husband! Douche bottle!
FUCK YOU weather for being 70 degrees yesterday and now its like 30! ONLY IN LOUISIANA!!!!!

Next thing!
 It's BSF - Blog Stalking Friday! I posted the rules for the chick running it. Follow the link, Tell her I sent you, and DON'T SUCK! If you do not see my link when you go that means I sucked and deleted Just a heads up. She is like me. She will make fun of you then delete you! I am even scared to link up, but I am grabbing my balls and going for it. Yes, Women have balls ours are just inverted and larger then men's!!!! So go stalk some blogs! There are some awesome ladies out there!

Blog Stalk Friday

[via The Man!]
A few people haven't been following the rules,
so I'm gonna have to start posting them.
1. Don't Fucking Suck.
2. The BSF Button [above] MUST be in your post.
3. Don't Fucking Suck!!!
4. The SLUTCODE must be in your post somewhere.
5. Don't Fucking Suck!!!!!!!
6. Link up your POST not your main page.
7. DON'T FUCKING SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!
8. If you SUCK, don't LINK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9. Make sure that you fucking rock!!!
10. If you FUCKING SUCK, and still link up,
She will delete you! After she makes fun of you!
Got it? Good!


Ange said...

You totally need to call CPS on that neighbor.

Just Jen said...

I guess you can stick around for awhile. You are like my sister removed at birth... plus, we have the same name!! ♥ your face, bitch!!

Jen Sparkles said...

YEA!!! Oh and Ange I so just did! I just saw that there is a little girl there. Her husband is deployed and there are like 5 dudes at the whore house! You can smell the fucking weed! That poor little girl is in there with them smoking out the apartment! It's cool if they want to do. I have no issue with that, but not with a little girl and an unborn baby getting a contact high!

Jen Sparkles said...

Oh and someone fill me in the fucking Slutcode...lmao!