Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Elf Order and the review

I ordered from Elf on the 1st of December. To my wondering surprise my order arrived the 28th with out the cream eyeliner. The paper said it was back ordered, but the site does not reflect that. I ordered 4 brushes, 6 lip glosses, concealer, foundation, and the cream eyeliner. I will go over each one individually.

First things first. The Super Glossy lip shines were not at all what the colors appeared to be when you applied them. I ordered 3 of the Angel because I knew the girls would love it. The Angel is the only one I kept. That was only because I know I can pair it with something to make it look good. They feel sticky and not at all something I would wear. I was not happy with the color or consistency of either of the four different shades I bought. For a dollar a piece it's not that big of a deal, but then again you get what you pay for.

Next is the Concealer stick. I love it. Right color and goes on smooth. Not complaining at all. I actually love it! 

Third is the Flawless Finish Foundation. OK, for 3 dollars it's not that big of a waste then again I have used a cheaper one that works better. I am going to try add a small amount of moisturizer to it to see if it helps, but I doubt it. I just don't think its worth the money and most surely not worth the anticipation of it arriving.

Last but not least is the brushes.
 Concealer Brush is what it is. I mainly got it to have a small brush for the corners of my eyes because the bigger ones do not work with my sensitive eyes and the contacts. I love the brush.
Lip Defining Brush is great also. Though I would like to see more of a point. But I am an artist and will just grab a small detail brush from the cabinet again.
Blending Eye Brush! Notice the exclamation!!!! I love it! Perfect! I so very much saved 24 dollars on my usual brush... we all know that would be my MAC brush!
Eyeliner Brush is going to be used in the tutorial tomorrow featuring the Eye Kandy order that I have been waiting on! (I finally got my order from EYE KANDY! I can not stop talking about it. My husband is sick of hearing about it...lol.)
Just as Kendra added the brushes are not the same quality as MAC though. Yes they work just as great, but like her I can see super glue in my future to fix the handles. 
If you are by an ELF store by all means go in and look around. Maybe you would feel differently about the glosses. Having to wait so long to receive the order and then having it not be what I had hoped was a huge disappointment. Maybe you guys would have better luck with them. 

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Simply Kendra said...

Oh that sucks Jen. I have never tried their glosses or foundations. Thanks for the review, I will make sure not to pick those items up. I am also in love with the blending brush. Too bad you didn't get your cream liner, it's GREAT and it stays put all day on me! My biggest ELF recommendations are their tools and their studio blush and contour set, I use it everyday! Can't wait for the tutorial!
Much love