Monday, December 13, 2010

I have gotten my first award!

It has been an eventful weekend for us! My daughter had her choir performance in Alexandria on Saturday. We were at the mall for like 3 hours! I didn't shop at all. Shocking yes I know! It was her day. They got rained out at the Zoo, but the mall show was awesome! Well worth the trip. Sunday we sat around and did silly stuff all day! I mean silly. I added some pictures to premade imikimi's. I had a blast doing it. Though the hubby called me a dick on several occasions. It was so worth I should be sleeping but insomnia is kicking my arse. 5 a.m. is going to kill me. I am glad I decided to read blogs that I have slacked on the past two days! I would have missed I received an awesome award from Ange and Jason. It's my first one!!! I couldn't be more excited!
I also managed to get pictures of the make-up I did Saturday. Not great but you can see that I am in love with "Naughty" from Simply Kendra!
This was our silly face picture. Zoe loves the camera like mommy does so it makes for interesting photos when I let her direct what we do.
We also found out last night that Ethan (the very intelligent 7 year old) has seen the presents in our closet. So in my frustration I had him bring the Halo Tank that is remote controlled and fires lasers downstairs. He was so excited and then I got to crush his happiness like he crushed mine. I informed him that he was getting that for Christmas, but now we are donating that hard to find collectors edition awesome tank to the homeless! Yes I was mean. I have had that since Halo Reach came out! It's not something you can find everyday and I was sooo looking forward to seeing his face on Christmas morning! So since he sucked and went snooping he will not be opening the one gift he would have loved. He shouldn't have been a brat!
Since we are on the subject of Christmas. My girls decided that they would give up every present if they could have a Kinect for Christmas. Seriously what kind of kids want to give up opening their gifts? Obviously I raised great girls!!!! We have decided that since they want to be so selfless that we have to comply. Dad decided to give them Kinect and 3 gifts. So I will be in a mad dash race to log into the Gamestop account and check rewards points at midnight on Tuesday. Hopefully we can still get the bundle and get it here in time. Shit, it's 1:23 and I am wide awake with nothing left to write about so I guess you guys are lucky. I hope you have a fabfuckingtastic week! 

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