Friday, December 17, 2010

Simply Kendra and Miss' Boudoir READ NOW!

OMG, I am so fucking retarded! Yes I admit it I am retarded, but still awesome as hell! Before you comment on the retard part make sure this blog doesn't have your name in it first! LMAO! As you know I received my first award. YEA ME! What I failed to do is follow the stipulations for accepting this award! I have to give it to TWO people I think deserve this award.

I have linked the wonderful lady I received it from to the trophy! You should add her if you don't follow her you are SUCKING! She is FUCKING awesome! So with out further delay I now introduce the two awesome bitches I chose for the award and will let you know why they deserve this!

Winner #1!!!!!
This girl is amazing! I have my personal make-up consultant! Yes I know her. We attended the lame ass Natchitoches Central together.(I say lame because it's a small close minded town that will suck your will to live!) Anyway, she is most amazing with her artistic ideas and well she is certified in make-up! How awesome is that! She is working on her own line of make-up which I have personally sampled and I must say "Naughty" is the best purple ever!!!!!! OMG It is AWESOME like her! So Kendra you so very much deserve the "We don't hate you award" In fact We love you!!!!!!!!! You should all follow Kendra too! Big things are going to be coming from her!

Winner #2
Thanks to Ange I met this wonderful lady! Hell I even applied to be her bitch! Why would I do that you ask. Well, she is fucking awesome! Ange says she has great big nice BOOBS!!!!! Which is a huge plus! LMAO. She is awesome. Very nice and she was most helpful with working me through some of the blog shit I couldn't figure out on my own! She writes awesome blogs! Read her too! I must tell you though she is wild! She likes to show her BOOBS a lot from what I have heard and well I have yet to see them... (wait am I giving this to you then) Fuck it! She is awesome and deserves it!

Enjoy your award ladies I hope you like it. You do not have to link it back to me, but I would like for everyone to see you got it! So please put it on your blog! If you don't.. well I am honestly not going to do anything about it...LMAO! Have a good one! Remember Follow all three of the Ladies I linked in this post!!!

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Simply Kendra said...

Awwww thank you Jen, Love you and your blog! Thank you for my first award :)