Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday, Oh Bloody Sunday!

I have found out that my husbands knee is very hard. My face got into a small argument with his knee and his knee won! Now before you all start tripping and think he's fucking beating me read the rest of the blog! I was tickling him and he tried to get away. This is when my face decided to jump in front of his knee! Try explaining to a man that feels horrible that you are OK. Not very effective when you are bleeding from the mouth and teary eyed. He felt so bad. It was my fault and well it's funny now! My lip and face are swollen, but if you could have seen the way it happened.. OMG it was epic! I swear he is still upset that he hurt me. Though it never fails that every time we wrestle I seem to get hurt. I guess I am accident prone. LMAO!
I have decided to make a bubble wrap suit for when we wrestle. Only it has to be pink bubble wrap!
We started baking today. Correction he did. He had a taste for key lime pie. So he is making one.
OMG, there is a crawfish vendor at the 24 hour Shopette and I want to ROB him so bad! Though something about Crawfish in December strikes me as odd, but I am getting some. Prolly not a great idea with a busted lip
It's been an awesome fucking weekend kind of. Great family time! Rockband 3 is Awesome! The fucking priceless part was watching my oldest daughter stare at us while we were singing "Walking on The Sun"! She had to question if that song was even! OMG, the track lists are endless!
 I also found a late Christmas Present for myself thanks to Xsparkage! I have been looking for a way (other then eyelash glue) to use my glitters! I now have an idea! Eye Kandy's Liquid Sugar!!!! So yes I need some! Then I got to looking at their Glitters then I realized I need their fucking glitters too! The pink is so fucking awesomely bright and sparkly!!!! Yes I know I am all about sparkles. Get the fuck over it and move on!
 You see! Look at the endless possibilities!!!! I am in glitter heaven!!!!! OK. So enough about Eye Kandy! I love Xsparkage because she is fabfuckingtabulous!!!!!!!!! I Love her looks and I am so loving her newest Candy Cane eyes look!!!! It gave me inspiration for my rainbow eyes!!! Thank you Xsparkage!
I am off to enjoy the rest of my day with the family! Have a great and wonderful Sunday!!!!!

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