Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fuck Everything It's a bad day.

OK. So yea, I am going to rant until my fingers can't type anymore. That is the point of blogging right? To get your feelings out and let the world know about how you feel and what pisses you off. I woke up in one of those moods where I just wanted to throw something! I knew it wasn't going to be a good day! Oh and I was so right. Emotional melt down and anxiety attack in less then 1 hour of being awake! I look in the mirror and somehow over night or well in 2 days I have fucking grey hair!!!!! At the age of 33!!! NO FUCKING WAY! So yea I can see why there is no spark in the bedroom! Clearly thinking it was my husband being tired, but I am thinking it me. Honestly, how many men want to have sex with a 33 year old woman with grey fucking hair and stretch marks????? Especially when they are younger. I have had it with trying to fix things that are not going to be fixed. I can't drive legally! It's my fault but I am still going to bitch about it! I still drive. I refuse to be stuck at the house when I need to go somewhere! Not going to happen! I have set out on a fucking mission to go look for another job. I don't give a fuck if its flipping burgers at God damned McDonalds! I need to get out of the house! The walls are closing in and I think I may end up blowing something up.
I am watching my happy kingdom come apart at the seems and it's pissing me off! Why on Earth does everyone say the woman changes after you get married? Men change too! Why blame women? Sometimes I just want to scream at the bitch that hits me with her cart at the Commissary! Its like road rage! I just want to plow into people who take up the whole damn isle or the ones that jump in front of you to get to the last pack of beef sausage because the coupon lady gave her the last coupon. I say fuck your coupon that was my sausage! I can be a bitch when shopping. We all know it's true. Christmas brings out the worst in me. If my kid wanted a toy and there are no more on the shelf... I will take it out of a cart! Yes I am that person. I will go to jail over a 40 Dollar baby doll! Try me.
Neighbors, everybody has a neighbor that can't stand! I have 3! They have parties and block my drive-way. One of them feels it's OK to bring their fights into the backyard for all of us to hear! I don't want to hear that your fucking husband is fucking the midget stripper! I don't need to hear about your vagina being infected due to him fucking everyone in Sleaze ville!!!!!! The third neighbor (who's husband is deployed) is fucking 8 months pregnant and has like 3 guys at her place and drinks every night! She was fucking trashed the other night! I wanted to kill the bitch! I hate neighbors!
See I told you I was in a shitty mood! No good can come of a day like this. I feel like I am 50, I am beached whale, and I need a xanax! Fuck you Fort Polk. Fuck you pharmacy for not refilling my Xanax! Fuck every single bitch that is 115 pounds, has perky boobs, and doesn't have GREY HAIR!

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