Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Wonderful, Sexy, and Loving Husband

I decided before I start down the endless road of blogging I would take a moment to tell you all about my wonderful husband. Yes, we did in fact meet at the strip club! I know some of you are thinking that is where it started, wrong. It was night 2 at Wild Rides! After drinking shots, dancing the night away, riding the bull, and giving the cab driver a show he will not forget the magic started! Yes, the cab driver saw my boobs. Thanks to Nathaniel. From then on we were stuck together like glue. That was April! In July he proposed. Under fireworks in the mountains of New Mexico! Romantic!
In November of 2007 he left for Iraq. We had a hard time and almost didn't make it. (He was stubborn) I really think he wanted to make sure that I was seriously in love with him. I still don't why he loves me so much, but he says he does so I guess I should believe him. Considering in April it will 4 years together! It's been a ride. A fun ride. We found out we both like closets! No, I am not going back into the closet. I jumped out screaming and refuse to go We like the momentary visit to the closet. O.K. so it's more like the idea of a bondage chamber! Shhh just imagine... it's great!

We were married on May 9th. A wonderful day. It wasn't almost a wonderful day. I was pulling a bitch move and throwing a fit. Yes, me. I know it's hard to believe, but I was 30 minutes late to my wedding just to make him sweat! I admit it I wanted him to sit there wondering if I was going to show just like he made me wait for 3 weeks before telling me were back together! I know it was wrong but I wanted to make sure he would call to see if I was coming or if he would simply walk away. He didn't. We exchanged vows and he signed the ownership papers giving up his rights to his

It's been perfectly imperfect. With each bump we grow closer. With each hurdle our love grows. I married my best friend. He completes me in every way! Let's face it. Sex matters. If it sucked I wouldn't be here. Yea, I am a bitch. I will not go another 8 years faking orgasms. I no longer have to! It's wonderful! He is my world. My everything. I am grateful he found me and grateful he chose to marry me. If you ask me I think it's the head. He says it's the whole package so if you have the pleasure of knowing us years from now here is what you will see. 2 old wrinkled people sitting on the porch drinking a beer and making fun of each other. You may even occasionally see his nuts since he is fond of showing people "The Goat". Don't ask if you don't know. It's rather, um, yea, we will leave that for another blog. Until then peace out. Remember feel your tata's, and if you can, be sure you feel someone elses!

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