Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday Blog Trotting

You all know I love my make-up. I was in the mood to go searching for new ideas so I came up with the Thursday Blog Trotting idea. My first stop of course is none other then Simply Kendra
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This girl is amazing. She is way into the scary shit as well as glam! Liquid Latex, nails, and just a wide variety of ideas! She is currently working on a contest on her YouTube channel. It will be for Valentines Day, but it is going to have a scary twist. Also this amazing girl is working on her very own make-up line! Yes ladies I have tried 2 shades and this lady is fuckingfabtabulous!!!!!! If you are in the mood for fresh new ideas follow her! If you want sound advice from a professional on a variety of make-up ideas and spa shit FOLLOW HER! You will not be disappointed!

My next stop was because of Kendra's blog. I jumped to Mandi's blog.

Book reviews and amazing life journeys. From what I have read so far this promises to be an awesome find! I love book reviews! They keep me from buying shitty books with no plot! Though if they aren't about about Vampire I doubt you will see them in my library! Face it! Eric Northman from True Blood is the hottest fucking man in the world! Yes I would roll my husband out of bed to invite that Nordic Vampire in! So bounce on over to Mandi's blog and enjoy. She also has a second blog that is about their journey in their decision to adopt. Honestly I haven't looked at it yet, but judging from the first blog it will be worth reading. She doesn't have a button to steal so I couldn't give her a cute picture

My next stop as usual on list of daily reads is none other then the awesome Ange!
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The lady is fuckingfabtabulous also! If you enjoy a straight to the point in your face brutal honesty about the world read her! She also has some pretty fucking cool ideas! Follow her! If you aren't you are missing out! If you are feeling brave join in on this weeks Naughty List. Follow the directions and have a blast.

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From Ange's blog I bounced on our to her husband Jason's blog. This man can write. He will leaving you thinking deep thoughts and I love that! Not to mention he was awesome enough to participate in the DARE I gave him and Ange. Another awesome read. If you aren't following him... you fucking better start!

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This last blog is absolutely fuckingfabtabulous! I must warn you though this blog will reach out and slap the piss out of you if you aren't careful. She doesn't hold anything back and if she hurts your feelings Oh fucking well. Consider this a warning. I hear she is a head hunter also. So read the blog because I don't want to be held responsible if she comes for your head! I love going back through and reading the posts I have missed since I haven't been following her long. Very AWESOME blog! I hope you all enjoy!

I hope I have given you all some awesome blogs to go read through. I have had a pleasure reading them all. I have found them worthy of spreading around the Internet for others to enjoy. Be sure to let them know I sent you. Enjoy and Happy reading!


Mandi said...

Thanks for the shout out!! Kendra pointed me to your blog as well and I'm loving the no bullshit theme! =)

Jen Sparkles said...

Thank You! Glad you like the shout out. Get a button so I grab it and it to my