Monday, December 13, 2010

Massive FUCK YOU Monday

 Well now. It seems people are reading blog. Perhaps following it in the shadows. Are they too scared to let me see they are following me? I say they are. My husband just came home to tell me the news! Someone in this sad town, on this sad post, and at his sad unit is reading my blog. I think it's great that they want to read my blog. What I don't think is great is that they want to say I am hurting my husbands career. They think what I am writing is horrible and it should not be written! Why hide behind the shadows? Why not just leave a comment. Scared? LMAO! I think so. I tell it like it is! I am not about to sugar coat my thoughts, my feeling, or my opinions! I do not speak to half the women here because all they do is gossip about people behind their Point proven with someone asking my husband about MY blog. That's right it's MY blog. So fuck off! If you don't like what I write then don't fucking read it. Plain and simple. You claim its hurting his career.... well you taking it to the office is hurting his career. Ask anyone that knows me. I do things my way! Not your way. That is what makes me different. I love having fans. Haters are your biggest fans! In case you need a reminder of what I think about this situation and the people that are talking shit here is another reminder.
 Onto my list for Massive FUCK YOU Monday:
1. FUCK YOU Obama. Yea that's right. I said it. This is an automatic number 1. every Monday. Tax breaks for the rich? Are you serious? You should be handing out raises to the military instead of wanting to cut them!
2. FUCK YOU nosey bitches. The ones that are reading this only to see what kind of dirt they can get and what kind of gossip they can spread. You are making me famous! Keep up the good work!
3. FUCK YOU television stations for strategically planning to run all the cool commercials for new toys when my children are watching cartoons!
3. FUCK YOU Army for making policies that are ridiculous and keeping my husband from deploying. He wanted to go, but instead he is stuck with mounds of paper work and babysitting douche bags. All the cool kids got to deploy! LOL
4. FUCK YOU Picerne for charging for electric when you already get to much money for the piece of shit house we live in! Then you will not give us an extra bedroom without having to do another exception to policy!!!!! This one is too small!
5. FUCK YOU to the state of Louisiana for having shitty roads!
6. FUCK YOU Louisiana DMV for charging an arm and a leg to get license back!
7. FUCK YOU Leesville for not having enough jobs!
8. FUCK YOU to the next person who thinks my husband is actually going to make me delete my blogs!

Freedom of speech. I can hate what I want, when I want, and whoever I want! The sooner we get out of this shit whole the better. Oh and one more thing. Since someone feels this is hurting my husbands career perhaps you should check the spouses that are cheating on their husbands. Perhaps you should worry yourself with the soldiers that cheat on their spouses. Perhaps you should check to see that I care about your opinion! So keep reading and make sure you get every detail in my blogs. I am looking forward to hearing that others are finding out about my blog!


Ange said...

I hate cowards like that!

-MissC* said...

You go girl!

Jen Sparkles said...

Thank You. Yes Ange, they are cowards. They could have posted a comment on here. Instead they hide behind others and direct them to my blog. It makes me