Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The road to fabulousness and updates

I have been on the yellow brick road to fabulousness for almost 2 months. While I have to report a total of 39.4 pounds lost there are hurdles on the path to greatness! After nearly killing myself on the first cycle of OxyElite Pro I took 2 weeks off and ate everything healthy I could find. Kidneys are functioning great again and muscle spasms are gone. Except for when I don't go to the gym. Nearly two weeks back into the 2nd cycle I have freaking injured my fucking shoulder AGAIN!! Well not actually the shoulder but the muscle.
I do 3 miles a day now with no problems! I am doing 100 reps on each ab machine without the progress I want. Don't get me wrong. There is progress but not the wash board abs I want to fucking see! I have come to realize that I will not get to see those until I have the complete abdominal plasty. Yes, I am going to have it done.

After years of stress, video games, lots of soda, and being lazy there is no way they will get flat without plastic surgery. I popped out 5 kids for crying out loud! That's a lot of strain on those muscles. So I have this skin that just flops where my 6 pack should be! It's fucking disgusting, but it shows I have worked hard! I am damn proud of that skin! It's fucking battle scars. Anyway, that is coming probably in September. That gives me time to finish getting to my goal weight and be settled in the new house.

Speaking of new house. T-17 days and we will be in Texas! 30 minutes away from Ethan and enjoying the Texas weather yet again! This move is going to be sooo great! The girls are even excited. Ary can't stop telling daddy all about Fort Hood and how great it is! Honestly I think it's the fact that there are so many things to do, a mall, and the fact that we will no longer be making a 7 hour drive to visit Ethan! At least I hope she is happier about her brother. Knowing her it's the shopping....lol.

 The girl was wearing my brown heels today! She is a natural. Walked just perfectly and even wanted to wear my black ones. I had to "no go" those due to them being a little too high and too grown up for her! None the less I now have to lock my shoes up! I had hoped I would have a couple more years before my shoes came up missing but I guess not!

The stress in the house has eased up finally. Having orders in hand has really made things easier and the light at the end of the tunnel is the Texas border after all! I was beginning to think it was that damn train coming back to run over me again! I will try to blog as much as I can, but with everything being packed in 11 days and having to separate what is coming with us it will be nearly impossible. Once we get settled I will start back to posting at least 3 times a week. I hope you are all doing well and things are going great!

OH Shit! 100 posts!!!! Holy SHIT!

I may have to do a giveaway or something to celebrate! Damn! 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fuck You Friday!

This week is full of Fuck Yous! It's been one of those weeks and I am in one of those moods!

FUCK YOU fucking Washington Louisiana traffic office! I overnight payment for a damn ticket and you tell me that you don't have time to get to the post office to pick up your mail! I fucking over nighted it so I could have the receipt TODAY! Not Monday!
FUCK YOU to my fucking hormones that are raging out of control causing fits of anger and aggression!
FUCK YOU to COACH! Yea, I said it! I wanted that fucking purse, but you are out of stock! Screw you! I will get that bitch from the outlet store next week! Hopefully!
FUCK YOU to my Xbox for acting up and making me have the red ring of death! AGAIN!
FUCK YOU to the oil companies! Almost 4 dollars for a gallon of gas is totally not acceptable!
FUCK YOU to the State of Louisiana for your procedures and policies! Seriously, when I get to Texas I am taking defensive drivers course and changing my license to Texas! If I can get it back then!

and last but not least

FUCK YOU to the douchecanoe of an ex-husband who doesn't think the children are his responsibility because he isn't married to their mother! You fuck up my son's head and think it's OK! FUCK YOU Stephen! God will get your ass! I will not waste energy or risk a prison sentence to get justice for my children! Be lucky I am smart enough to think of the consequences before I act on my thoughts! 

Happy Cleavage Day!!!! Take the opportunity today to look at the cleavage you see and appreciate the lovely boobies!!!!! Save the Boobies!!!!! Be safe feel your boobies!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

OMG! Another Simply Kendra Giveaway!

Kendra is having a Sigma Brush giveaway on her Facebook page! Go check her out.
She now has blushes, lip balms, and eyeshadow! I just ordered my lip balms so I will be reviewing them here shortly. The blushes are amazing! Wonderful color and shimmer!

Be sure to tell her Jen sent you!

Good Luck!!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Mondays suck donkey nuts

Where to even begin on this horrid day from hell? I should have known speaking to a nurse from Ethan's facility 10 minutes after my alarm clock goes off was not going to be a good thing. Turns out it set the tone for this Monday. Ethan was rushed to Children's Hospital in Austin. He had severe stomach pain. Turns out he had a blockage in his intestine that they worked hard to clear. They managed to get it cleared and he is able to return to his facility for the time being. If the blockage happens in the same area again he will be going into surgery to remove the part of his intestines that is damaged! Not a great thought when your baby is 7 hours away! They assured me he was doing better and he sounded better when I talked to him on the phone. He was joking and laughing about them putting water in his butt. My poor baby handled it well and said the staff member that went with him made him laugh and helped him.
I am happy that they are caring and they did keep me informed every step of the way.
I had my doctors appointment today for my contacts and left with none. I can't get them on post since I have a fucked up axis. So it's back to the off-post provider to shell out the money.
I set out to have beef tips with rice and gravy for dinner but that didn't workout. There was no way I could have them simmer with me being gone for an hour and half. So they will be for dinner tomorrow night.
Travel pay for our trips to Shreveport and the trip to Texas should hit tomorrow. Thank God we avoided a Government Shut down! That would have sucked totally.
I have decided to do a make-up look tomorrow since I have a couple new products that I am loving! I am also going to start at the end of each month doing a list of faves for the month. Should be fun.
So I hope everyone is having a great Monday and I sure as hell hope the rest of the week goes better then today did. 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Fuck you FRIDAY.. Government style!

Yes, I took the time out from everything going on to compose a long overdue FUCK YOU list!
1. FUCK YOU elected douchecanoes who think it's OK to cut military pay but yet make sure you get a damn paycheck!
2. FUCK YOU OBAMA..... for the veto on the bill that would have made sure the military got paid!
3. FUCK YOU every single mother fucker in Washington that wants to argue over Planned Parenthood and Internet instead of passing a fucking budget! Seriously an unborn child is more important then soldiers and their children?! FAIL! EPIC FAIL!
4. FUCK YOU douchecanoe of an x-husband that has fucked up my son's head to the point that he will never again be my little happy boy! FUCK YOU and DIE!
5. FUCK YOU to the Vernon Parish school and their policies! Old bunch of fucking retards that need to DIE!
6. FUCK YOU to the local business who in the middle of having half a paycheck still have to pay our bill to you! Seriously you couldn't wait till the first? Fucking douchecanoes!!!!!
7. FUCK YOU to the fucking piece of shit slime ball attorney for informing me that we will incur another 2 grand in legal fees since douchecanoe x-husband is non-complaint!
8. FUCK YOU to Ethan's doctor.... it's not her fault, but damn why does my son have to be so far away!
9. FUCK YOU Government Shutdown if in fact you happen and take our pay! We have to travel 7 hours to see my son on the 22nd and now we will not be able to go! FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT GOVERNMENT!

Ugh, I am filled with so much hate right now! I feel like our country has turned their backs on us. Honestly, arguing over petty ass bullshit and holding up pay for damn near 800,000 people! I could care less about tourism or parks to be quite honest! Thank God I fucking quit drinking cokes, but I will now quit smoking! That is a plus. On the other hand I buy bottled water because the water here is fucking worse then drinking vinegar! It's a horrible fucking nasty excuse for water! I am so not happy! If you have a problem with my FUCK YOUS then suck a dick and choke on it! 


I can't possibly be calm!

With Ethan being 7 hours away and the looming government shut down things are a little stressful here at the moment. To make things even more stressful the daily phone call from his therapist didn't help things. It actually made things worse. He has started opening up to her and is talking about the things that happened to him while he was not with me! Forced to stand in a corner all day long for not eating breakfast, only given water, was not allowed to play with toys, was cut off from his sisters, was continually called Mr. poopy pants, when he had an accident he was hit with a belt, was forced to sleep on the floor when there was a bed in his room, and was spanked for sneaking food when they had refused to let him eat!
I have heard some of these things from his sisters before his therapist brought some of them to my attention this morning. While that is enough for me to commit murder there was more! He opened up to her that an adult would fondle him and that he was forced to take showers with an adult! Now this part is going to get me put in jail for a long time! As soon as she gets his confidence in her to grow and gets her to open up and say who the adult is you can bet that I will be seeking this individual out! If I can get to them before the authorities do. According to the therapist the things he says in session are confidential to a point. There is more then enough for them to contact the authorities!
I want so bad to make someone suffer for this! I am not talking about just beating the crap out of them and then sending them to hell where they belong! I want to make them suffer a slow painful death that is drawn out over a year!!!!! I want to torture then the way they tortured my sweet little boy! The sweet boy that will have issues the rest of his because of what they did to him! How can someone do these things to a child? How can look at them selves in the mirror or live with themselves knowing they hurt a child? These individuals are walking free and living their lives while my son is suffering. Hell, my family is suffering!
The girls are miserable because they miss their brother! We are all miserable. Our family has been turned upside down and we can only hope things will be put right.
My oldest was put through some things that are unanswered! Things that haven't been pursued! Not by me, but by the authorities! Isn't it their job to investigate and find out what happened. It's my job to protect my children and make the reports! I guess if the law can't hold the individuals accountable for their actions we will wait for God to judge the individuals. I can't wait that long! My children deserve to have justice! Ugh, I literally want to kill someone! The one thing keeping me from the drive with the .45 is that they need their mother! I am so mad that I am seeing red. If I freaking fucked up on grammar or spelling I don't give a fuck! I could care less about the errors in this blog! I want justice for my children and I am not stopping until someone answers for the shit they have done!

Monday, April 4, 2011

A spit can full of randomness

Ok, so I haven't done a Makeup Monday in a million years! Alright, so it's only been almost a month, but it seems like forever ago. I am including a before and after of the new hair! I figure with losing like 32 pounds and working out like crazy I needed a change. So here's the transformation.
1st Picture
Now here is the new me!
I have traded my beautiful long dark hair for this! Lots of blonde and some pink! There is more pink to come. I am thinking I want it brighter! I do have the MAC Pro Pigment in Magenta Maddness on the eyes and my OCC Lip Tar in Anime on the lips! I love my OCC Lip Tars!
I have Simply Kendra blush on. My girl Kendra has added some wonderful blushes! You should check them out.

I am still working out even though my schedule is completely wack these fucking days! I have started eating 3 meals a day this past week. I am taking 2 weeks off the OxyELITE Pro due to almost killing myself. I shocked my kidneys horribly bad! Only water after years of cokes was a huge shock. The extreme weightloss and crazy working out didn't help the shock either. Just to make things clear it wasn't the OEP it was me going diet and workout crazy. I was burning damn near 400 callories a day while only taking in 600 to 800 calories. Not a good combination, but I am happy with the results. I will be continuing after a short pause to regain some nutrients.

They moved Ethan to a Residential Treatment Center in Texas. He is 7 hours from us and that is killing me severely. I know it's what he needs but damn he's 7! I just can't believe someone let alone a family member could think the things they did to him were alright! It breaks my heart. They are getting everything out of him and helping him to cope with what has happened. Not to mention get the ADHD under controll.

Sorry for the randomness, but I am really scatter brained. Things are so busy right now. We are preparing for a move to Fort Hood and it's going pretty well so far. We have scouted out the schools the girls will be attending and the lack of uniforms has them very excited. With the lack of uniforms comes more shopping for mom! Yea me! As if I don't have enough going on...lol. Thank God they have plenty of nice clothes so I don't need to buy to much.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will try to get back to blogging as soon as things slow down. =)