Monday, April 4, 2011

A spit can full of randomness

Ok, so I haven't done a Makeup Monday in a million years! Alright, so it's only been almost a month, but it seems like forever ago. I am including a before and after of the new hair! I figure with losing like 32 pounds and working out like crazy I needed a change. So here's the transformation.
1st Picture
Now here is the new me!
I have traded my beautiful long dark hair for this! Lots of blonde and some pink! There is more pink to come. I am thinking I want it brighter! I do have the MAC Pro Pigment in Magenta Maddness on the eyes and my OCC Lip Tar in Anime on the lips! I love my OCC Lip Tars!
I have Simply Kendra blush on. My girl Kendra has added some wonderful blushes! You should check them out.

I am still working out even though my schedule is completely wack these fucking days! I have started eating 3 meals a day this past week. I am taking 2 weeks off the OxyELITE Pro due to almost killing myself. I shocked my kidneys horribly bad! Only water after years of cokes was a huge shock. The extreme weightloss and crazy working out didn't help the shock either. Just to make things clear it wasn't the OEP it was me going diet and workout crazy. I was burning damn near 400 callories a day while only taking in 600 to 800 calories. Not a good combination, but I am happy with the results. I will be continuing after a short pause to regain some nutrients.

They moved Ethan to a Residential Treatment Center in Texas. He is 7 hours from us and that is killing me severely. I know it's what he needs but damn he's 7! I just can't believe someone let alone a family member could think the things they did to him were alright! It breaks my heart. They are getting everything out of him and helping him to cope with what has happened. Not to mention get the ADHD under controll.

Sorry for the randomness, but I am really scatter brained. Things are so busy right now. We are preparing for a move to Fort Hood and it's going pretty well so far. We have scouted out the schools the girls will be attending and the lack of uniforms has them very excited. With the lack of uniforms comes more shopping for mom! Yea me! As if I don't have enough going Thank God they have plenty of nice clothes so I don't need to buy to much.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and I will try to get back to blogging as soon as things slow down. =)


Simply Kendra said...

u look great! xo

Jen Sparkles said...

Thank You so much! I feel like a different person. It's strange how changing your hair can make you feel different.