Monday, December 13, 2010

A Tribute to Larry!

My best friend Larry is an awesome guy that has been through so much. It's been hard for him due to the struggles he has faced. It's not easy paying for sex from illegal midgets. Everyone deserves to get laid. He has a great personality, awesome blue eyes that sparkle, and wide shoulders. I am going to take you down a road describing my best friend. What a better way then to add pictures! This way you can see the man I am proud to call my best friend!
We were almost married back in the day.

I had to come clean and tell daddy that it was Nate's baby. I couldn't have my best friend mad at me. As you can see he is not bad looking. Sadly though this is where his life took a turn for the worse! He started paying for sex and got addicted to illegal midgets. They were expensive and he had to find a way to support his addition. He lost his job at Quickie Mart. So this is what he did for money.

I know it's a sad picture, but it's my best friend. He started stripping in retirement homes, giving oral  to 65 year old ladies, and even giving head to the older men that could get it up! I was there by his side the whole time. Trying to help him. Sadly the retirement home got another performer and they kicked him to the curb. Leaving him jobless and no way to afford his midgets he sunk into deep depression and gained a lot of weight!

My poor best friend still managed to smile for me. It was getting out of hand so I had to get some help! I convinced him to start following Jenny Craig and managed to get him off the couch! ( with a fork lift, but we did it)

Sad thing is he loved McDonald's! The cokes and fries gave him energy! I was so proud of him for taking the effort to get back into shape!!!! I was a step closer to my Larry hugs that made so happy. I was to afraid get one at this point for fear I might end up with crushed lung or something! Not to mention the fries that were stuck in his rolls! EWWW. But I still cared for my friend! We started working out and I managed to get him to go on vacation with me! I was so excited to do things with my best friend!

 The weight was coming off! He was looking better and feeling better! He even managed to get a blow job from a 67 year old prostitute without having to pay for it! I was so proud of him! I love the way the sunset makes his bikini glow! After our wonderful vacation he was more active! He was letting his hair grow and took up golf.
 See how much weight he lost! It took a year but he did a wonderful job!!! Throughout the year he started going to the gym and dieting! He was on his way to becoming fabulous! We had a hard time hiding midgets from him though. I didn't want him to sink back into the dark times. It was hard, but we managed! It was getting warmer out and it's time for pool parties and B.BQ's

 Doesn't he just look great! You can really see the transformation! The kids enjoyed having Uncle Larry swim with them! He had so much energy this day! Nate even hooked him up with the barracks rat! Larry got free head again! His life was on the right track! With this new found energy he found that diets do work. That and Gastric Bypass surgery! We hopped in the car and headed to Baton Rouge! The doctors weren't sure if they would see progress, but anything was worth a try. The surgery was hard on him. It's was a long year and a half. The next picture I have is a shocking after picture. It's the only one from this time period but I know you will enjoy seeing the change!

 See what a wonderful job the doctors did! It took 7 surgeries and a dump truck, but he is healthy!!!! With his new found body his confidence picked up. He was dating and having a blast! He decided to audition for a movie! I managed to snap a picture of his scene!
 It was a great day! Though he didn't get the job he still had a blast. Him and Nate started working out. They started doing steroids and traveling the country. Neither of them would tell me what they were doing till I came across a wrestling magazine and seen their pictures. I will share one with you.
 They almost got away with it! They ended up getting caught for using steroids and got fired. So they ended up back him. Where they sit, drink beer, and play Rock Band! I am so proud of my best friend for losing the weight! It's been a hard life for him and deserves happiness!

Now I have to say my best friend is awesome. Truly awesome. I hope you enjoyed learning about his life as much as I enjoyed showing you and telling you. I should on the other hand show you what he truly looks like since he has never been that He might have actually been addicted to midgets though. Here is my best friend Larry.

 This is the real Larry. Though I am probably going to be dead when he sees the blog...lmao! Oh, and for you single He's single! His only down fall! HE DOESN'T LIKE BIG BOOBS!!!!!!! LMAO

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