Monday, December 27, 2010

Massive FUCK YOU Monday

I had thought originally I wouldn't have any FUCK YOUS for today, but I realized I do. This is a tad bit different the previous Monday posts.
 FUCK YOU Christmas for causing so much stress for an extended amount of time and then being over so quickly!
FUCK YOU 2010 for being so shitty of a year!
FUCK YOU nail polish for being so cute, but fucking up so easily!
FUCK YOU Mother Nature, Father Time, and Life for giving me gray hairs at 33!
FUCK YOU Stephen for being a shitty fucking sperm donor! The children are better off without you anyway!
FUCK YOU stress! Go the FUCK away!

We have decided that we are taking the kids to Disney World for Thanksgiving next year. So I am being a good wife and contributing to the vacation fund. I am taking my cigarette money and putting it into the savings account along with his deployment pay. I am also going to dump my Coke money in there also. NOT DRUGS! Well it's crack to me. If you have the pleasure of being around me in the morning before I have one then you understand the meaning of  "Jen's Crack". Which leads me to the second part of my blog!

 This is the list of things I will be changing next year.
1. No Cokes AT ALL!
2. No Smokes. Not even one in the morning!
3. I will learn to make every dish that Nate loves. Not only learn to make it, but perfect it! Which means I will be learning to eat the dishes also.
4. I will try with every ounce of me to widen my variety of foods. I already started with salsa!
5. I will and I repeat "I WILL" start shopping for Christmas in February!

So there is my list of items I will be changing starting January 1, 2011 at 12:01 a.m. Let's just hope I can at least carry the first 2 out at least for the first 3 days since that is the hardest


Ange said...

WHOA! That is quite the undertaking to give up both smoking and soda at the same time. Glad I am like 6 hours away from the wrath you may bring onto others!

Anonymous said...

Jen Sparkles.. we have a surprise for you.. we need to you contact the queen ASAP.. to find out what it is.. your gonna love it.. I promise..

thequeen249 at gmail dot com

Jen Sparkles said...

I am worried for the people that live in my house Ange, but I want to stop both so I should be good. Hopefully! LMAO. If not they can deal with it for a little while.