Monday, December 20, 2010

Massive FUCK YOU Monday

It's Monday yet again! Oh Monday how I hate you so! This is a whole new list of FUCK YOU's! So if you are easily offended DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! Also if you are reading this just to run to my husband's work to try to start shit... please read it! By all means rush to rear-detachment and tell them what I wrote! I encourage it. After all it gives me more readers!
FUCK YOU Cats for yet again fucking with the Christmas tree! I swear you will all be no legged cats before this Holiday is over!
FUCK YOU DNA that made me so fucking emotional! Seriously? Did you have to make me so fucking emotional?
FUCK YOU a huge FUCK YOU to my toy for deciding it wanted to die!  This is not a good time for you to decide you don't want to work! I give you batteries when you need fresh ones and this is how you repay me? Leaving me hanging!
FUCK YOU refrigerator for running out of cokes! I know you are hiding them and I need one. It's not fucking funny!
FUCK YOU mother nature! Aryanna is sick the week before Christmas! Which means by Christmas Eve all three of them will be sick!
FUCK YOU Nate for not taking your phone downstairs! I had to turn the Alarm off at 5 a.m.! Which lead me to getting out of bed at 5:45. You were already gone! Good thing!
FUCK YOU neighbors for having a dog that feels the need to bark at EVERYTHING! Seriously I will choke your fucking dog if you don't do something about the barking!
FUCK YOU stairs! Seriously do you have to trip me so much. I am sick and tired of falling down you! Are you trying to kill me? Are you and the cats working together? I think so! FUCK YOU!
FUCK YOU face for still being swollen! I managed to hit my own face yesterday and then when I fell down the stairs this morning I managed to hit the same side on the baseboard and bust my lip open again!
As you can tell it's one of those mornings. I should just crawl back in my bed and go back to sleep. Oh wait I can't. I now have three kids complaining they are hungry and there is nothing to eat. Seriously? There are waffles! Seriously? There is cereal!!!! Ethan and Aryanna have already started fighting! These two are going to to end up duck taped in the closet!!!! OK, so I would never do that but damn they need to quit I love them so much but sometimes I want to knock their heads together and say "Get over it". I hope the rest of this day gets better. If it doesn't I am getting a bottle of Capt. Morgan and hiding in my room!!!!!

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