Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The 1st official Blog!!!!

So in keeping to my promises I must by all means open my blog with a review about a wonderful friend and her awesome eyeshadows!!!!! Kendra! She mailed me 2 samples from her line she is designing. One is Fluffybutt. An awesome light pink. Which SPARKLES! Perfect for blush and eyeshadow! I will add pictures as soon as I can get them uploaded. The other was a lovely purple shade which Sparkles! The name is Naughty! Which is indeed my FAVE! Color payout is wonderful and blending is a 10 out of 10. Great things are going to be coming from Simply Kendra! Her make-up looks are just awesome! I can't simply think of anything else to say except they are WONDERFUL! As soon as she gets things moving be sure to check those out! I have put my MAC aside and will be using Naughty in its place. It's a better shade and did I mention it SPARKLES?

Be sure you follow her! Big things are coming!

So onto another part of my blog since I am combining all these wonderful things in my first blog I must join the naughty list!

I have been naughty this week, have you?  If so, play along.

Here are the rules:

1.  Follow me (if you are cool you are already doing that anyway).
2. Follow MissC, and be sure to tell her how much you love her, but that if anyone besides her would be running The Naughty List, you are glad it is me.
3. Follow any and all guest hosts.
4. Use the button in your post.
5. Link up and tell your friends.

Share with us about what you did naughty this week.  It can be anything, from allowing your children to eat cereal for dinner, to slashing your neighbors tires.  It could be as simple as faking a headache to get out of sex, to calling in sick to work to spend the day bumping uglies.  Anything, whatever you did that is naughty.

So here is my list!!!!
1. I totally keyed a ladies car because she hit my truck with her car door and didn't even apologize!
2. I so totally got mad at the hubby for not giving me any that I masturbated next to him in bed while watching youporn on my phone.
3. I so totally got angry at Staff Duty for not patching me through to my husband (during what I felt was a melt down) that I called them back just to say "Fuck you and have a shitty day"!
4. I got so mad about no one cleaning up after themselves that I refuse to wash clothes till they use the last pair of underwear!
5. I purposely got my hubby a new hate in hopes he will retire the one he wears everyday! It's so old and tore up!
6. I am plotting a way to hire Mexican midgets to do my laundry since I hate laundry!
There you have it. My list that I have done since Monday.
I hope you all enjoyed the first blog. I know it was thrown together. I promise it will get better!!!

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