Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crazy Zebra Print Nails!

I am a little late with the blog for the Pink nails with black zebra print. But at least I am doing it.. LOL. If you don't like it to fucking bad. I love it.
 The pink is your everyday bright pink nail polish. The brand is Pure Ice and the color is Flirt Alert. I love this color! I didn't use a base coat which is why they didn't last long! After I applied 2 coats of the pink I let it air dry. I pulled out the Konad nail stamping kit since I didn't feel like drawing the zebra lines with the detail brush.
A little note about Konad Nail Stamping. It is easy, but it takes practice. If you buy this thinking you can jump right in and do great nails you will get frustrated. It does take practice. I promise you that.

I used this plate.
The M69
 This plate is awesome. It has 6 different designs on it!
To use the plates you need Konad polishes. (Or a super thick polish) You can use any polish for the base coat though!  Here are the colors I have and what the bottles look like.

The black and pink are a must have for my house. All of the colors are wonderful. They are bright and just awesome. It is important to stress though. This is polish for the plates. It's super thick and does not go well as normal everyday polish.
I decided on the pink and black so I got out my scrapper and stamper.

I have the double ended stamper because you can do whole nails designs as well as little designs. If you just want to place 2 flowers on your nails the smaller end is perfect. It's also perfect for children's nails. As I have 2 girls who demand that their nails look
After you apply the stamps and they are dry make sure you use a top coat. A top coat will ensure that your stamps last. It also makes them look great! A small warning the Konad top coat will smear it a tad bit, but I think it makes it look better. Here is what the Konad top coat looks like.

It is super thick, but dries incredibly fast!
After an hour and a half. Which did include touch-ups, clean-up, child interruptions, and a few cigarettes I was done.

This is how I achieved my Zebra print nails. I hope you all enjoyed the mini review of Konad. If you have any questions I would be more then happy to answer them. Just know that if you hate the nail look I really don't give a fuck. Have a wonderful day!


Simply Kendra said...

Thats awesome Jen, I didn't know about the stamper thing, then again I never paint my nails..:)


Jen Sparkles said...

They literally have a million different plates. Amazon has them at a great price. That is where I got mine. I have 3 sets of nails to do so I get alot of Thanks for the Comment! Hugs

Babes Mami said...

I need to get some of those plates!

Kelly said...

Your nails look awesome! I don't think I'd have enough patience to do that though :(

Jen Sparkles said...

I thought that also when I first started. It's so easy once you get the hang of it. I am going to do a nail video to go with the blog.. after I cure the dry Amazon has the plates and beginner sets. You can start with simple then work up to the harder stuff. I am redoing my nails in the morning. There will be a new blog for the new nails at some point