Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A year of growth

I am not completely sure if I should be happy this year is over. My family has been through so much this year. My marriage has been tested beyond the breaking point and it's still going strong. I think It depends on who you ask and on what day it is. LOL. We were faced with a lot of very personal issues this year. The trying personal issues, the loss of loved ones, and the usual economic hardships. It's the 28th of December and we are still alive and kicking so I guess we did something right. With everything the children have been through I am impressed by how well they processed everything and are moving on with life. It's been hard for them. Each of them has adapted their own way to over come things. I am really happy with Aryanna's progress. She is really turning out to be a mini-me. Though that scares me!

With everything that happened the year went surprisingly fast. Let's hope deployment goes as fast. While daddy will miss the birthdays, Easter, and Halloween he will not miss Thanksgiving or Christmas. That is a plus. Though Halloween is our fave holiday! Yes, we are a twisted family. As 2010 comes to a close I look back and see the growth our family has made. Ethan is stable and we got control of his issues. He is taking the same route as Ary. He is getting taller each month. Zoe is developing at a speeding rate. I am so proud of the little girl that they said would probably not see her 5th birthday. My strong little girl proved them wrong and continues to grow! Sadly she will be short like me, but great things come in small packages. Aryanna is lacking 1.5 inches of being as tall as me! This upsets me. She is 11 and I know I will have to look up at my own daughter in envy...lol Why couldn't I be tall? Damn DNA! She is coming out of her shell and is almost back to her old self again. She is back to laughing and being happy. She is doing an awesome job in choir!  All the kids are sporting straight A's on the report cards and I couldn't be any more proud then I already am.
Nate did an excellent job this year. It was tough. He was there for the kids and me through everything. Without him being here I would have honestly cracked worse then I did. He has taken the daddy role and ran away with it.
I am ready for 2011. I believe things will continue to get better. Though set backs will happen because nothing is ever easy. I just know that surviving the past year has made my family and marriage stronger then ever. We are ready for whatever 2011 throws our way.
Happy New Year Everyone!

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