Thursday, December 16, 2010

No Sparkles tonight

I have to take a few minutes and question a few things that concern me. OK, so they really piss me off! First things first! It's illegal to drive while chatting on your cell phone! This I can almost ( I said ALMOST) agree with. It's the texting while driving that should be illegal. Wait that's illegal also. So anyway, why on God's green earth which is not so fucking green is it alright for cops and M.P's to drive while chatting on the phone? I just want to know for one second how on Earth can you fucking write me a ticket for talking on my phone when you were talking on yours and just ran me off the road!?!?! It doesn't make a damn bit of sense! Then they have these rent-a-cops on post! Seriously a glorified security guard! Those are the worst! I haven't met one yet that actually is a decent human being and is nice. They all have chips on their shoulders like they are actually serving a purpose. The purpose is to give the lazy ass M.P's some help! I think out of all the calls I have seen in the past year And there have been a lot only about 10% have been M.P's. They need to get rid of the authority abusing rent-a-cops and make the M.P.'s do their job! Don't get me wrong I have seen some M.P's on cell phones while driving also. If we have to follow the rules and laws they should have to also! The abuse of authority is really pissing me off! I notice it more and more.
Onto my next item of business. It is not OK in the least bit to ask your neighbor if they smoke pot! Never ever ask me if I smoke pot when I have never spoken to you! Let alone ask if I know how to acquire some! Stupid bitches! I wanted to choke the whore. Who by the way is 8 months pregnant and smelled horribly of fucking liquor! This post is full of stupid people! Don't even get me started with the bratty ass kids who ring door bells and knock on doors then take off running. Yea, it's a funny childish prank, but I now refuse to go to my door. So if you know me and you are coming over call first or else you may be stuck outside.
I hope everyone had a wonderful day because mine personally went pretty fucking bad!

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