Friday, December 10, 2010

Ange is going to kill me.

Ange, I am following you for 2 reasons. You are absolutely amazing and I love reading your blogs. With this being said I have a dare for you guys! You must pick up the following items and proceed to the check-out line at your nearest Wal-Mart.
1. Extra Large Squash
2. A box of condoms. (Magnum XL for shock value)
3. Vaseline
but wait it gets better.
4. Monistat 7
Now you do not have to purchase them. You can inform the cashier that you wish to no longer purchase those Which makes it even better! LMAO
Much love enjoy your vacation and keep writing those Awesome blogs!

Her husband also Blogs. As well as her children. Awesomeness to the full extent!

With this being said I have decided to play along.
I am not really 100 % on this whole blogging thing but it's getting easier. Here is how you play.
1. Write a blog about either a dare you would like to see me do or a truth you are dieing to know.
2. After you write it leave me a link in my comment under this blog so I can go check it out. Possibly even sweat a little, but this is going to be fun!
3. Then join the fun and play along!

1. If it's a dare, I will perform it and provide photographic evidence ( Even though I am against evidence of anything I do)
2. If it's a truth I will answer it honestly. Be prepared... Never ask a question you aren't sure you want to know the answer of.

1. I live on post so take that into consideration. My husband is in the Army and well we can't do anything that would cause me to catch a charge. (Unless you are sending the bail money)
2. If it includes my hubby it must be a dare that is legal. Well, I better add that for myself too.
3. Be creative! Have fun and join Ange's celebration!
 She has over 200 followers in less then a year! This is a great way to celebrate!

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