Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Random thoughts for Thursday

I have been playing with the layout of my blog and it's driving me crazy! I can't seem to remember any of my HTML information I have stored in my brain. I think I shorted that side of my brain out. Seriously I can't remember how to make buttons, design graphics, or make things look better! I want Sparkles DAMN IT! I have been touring around at the people I am following and getting ideas. I wonder how in the hell is their's so cute when mine looks like a cheap knock-off? Oh well, my create side will win and it will eventually be the cutest most sparkling

I had to call ELF this morning about my order. For those of you that do not know about ELF it's I ran off to their site after seeing a review Kendra did after she returned from their store. Seriously, the thought of 1 to 9 dollar make-up and having it be compared to MAC is a big plus! There it was right in front of me a whole site devoted to make-up at a very nice cost! So I ordered like 6 lip glosses. I intended for 2 of those to be stocking stuffers! I had to get some of their brushes since my 224 and 217 MAC brushes came up missing. (Thank You Zoe) Kendra stated in her review that they would easily replace them! Yes I am all for that! Now to the horrible part of the order. It seems their warehouse was overstocked with orders that processing is going to take a while! My order still hasn't shipped and it was placed on the 1st! How heartbreaking! I will make due as usual and next time I order I will plan ahead for the wait.

I have spent 2 hours on this contraption searching for ideas to increase the spark in my bedroom. Since it is clear that my spark is a raging fire while the husbands is a spark. Everything pretty much said drug him with Roofy's and have a blast! My only problem with that is I like it when he takes charge! I don't want to have to do all the work! Let's face it, I am a freak! I love my hair pulled and I like it rough :) The one thing I did come up with is a vacation. Which would mean leaving the kids for the weekend and going away with each other. I also found an awesome site that I ordered a little something special from! I have been looking at my stripper shoes wondering if I should sell them to the local bar or find a way to use them. (Maybe I should explain my shoes.. they have a 5 inch wide platform heel, they are clear, and the straps over the toes are plastic with rhinestones. They strap around your ankle! If you have been to a strip club you have seen my shoes! I love them. They look cute with jeans. I Well I found a way to use them and maybe get laid in the process. One can only hope that it leads to that. This rear-detachment crap has him so stressed and tired that it doesn't leave any energy for pleasing his wife. Do I fault him? No. I blame the Army. Let's blame them for everything! More to come on this topic. Have a blessed day and may you all get lucky ;)

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