Friday, January 7, 2011

The weekly thing

It is Friday once again. Which brings us to:


Just Jen and CB are running BSF together. This promises to be a good thing. We shall see in the coming weeks. Run on over and check them out.
This week has been pretty entertaining. A troll of sorts started shit on a blog. OK well it tried to start shit. It was handed it's ass pretty quickly. It ran away like a Duck-Billed Platypus out of crack.
 As for FUCK YOU FRIDAYS I really don't have anything that truly sticks out at me that is worth mentioning. A few minor things, but they are more like rants and well I don't feel like sharing them this morning. That is another blog and another series of hate mails I just don't feel like fucking starting at this moment. Have a wonderful weekend.


Just Jen said...

We just made the bitch famous, didn't we? Insult to all ducks!

Jen Sparkles said...

Yea, I guess in a away the girl is getting what she wanted.

Ariana said...

I'm so stealing your flip off picture

Jen Sparkles said...

Ok... I love it!!! Thanks for reading.

CB said...

Lol!!! Thanks for lining up hooker!

Jen Sparkles said...

You are most

Heather said...

I read the rules at CB's and smiled for the first time this morning. I am following you all simply for my own sanitys sake.
I have lost my fuck everyone attitude ever since I stopped working and started staying at home...maybe I can find it again with new friends!?
My husband lovingly refers to me as his Uppity Elitest Bitch, and I love that and do my best to live up to it.

Thank you!
Heather from

Jen Sparkles said...

Thank You Heather. CB and the rest of those crazy girl have a way of making people smile. Thanks for following :) You will get your fuck everything attitude back. Welcome to my crazy random blog that doesn't give a