Sunday, January 9, 2011


Do you see the banner? Well do you? OMG! Simply Kendra has opened her Valentines Contest!!! That is right ladies!!!! OMG!

You can enter either by Video or Comment.

If you have Facebook (everyone has a fucking Facebook) find Simply Kendra and LIKE her! Yes, LIKE HER! Then leave her a comment on why you hate or love Valentines day! It's simple. The winner will be chosen RANDOMLY! 

There you will find the link to her blog. It contains the video describing everything. YES EVERYTHING!

So please have a look. Her eye shadows are AMAZING! They are part of the prize!!!!! You will not be disappointed. This is I promise!


Simply Kendra said...

LOL Breaking News you make me feel important! ♥

Jen Sparkles said...

Um HELLO! You are important! To me. I am sure you are important to a lot of people! I had to let my readers know that the contest was OPEN! LOL. I am way super Excited!