Sunday, January 16, 2011

I so totally got an amazing award!

I received an award this week! Its from an amazing girl! I am her addiction of the month! How cool is that?!
Seriously she is way awesome! She is another Military Spouse just like me! That alone makes her awesome by default. Her blog is super cute! It's purple and sexy! Once you see it you will agree. Well you better! I should have posted this the day I received it but I have been swamped with all kinds of shit! OMG, I need a vacation! Oh wait, I am so totally getting one! Which by the way she should be going with us on the girly Vaca to IMATS! So please jump over and visit the totally awesome chick that awarded me with being her addiction of the month!

Once again, thank you for the awesome award! You are totally awesome and I love reading your blogs!