Monday, January 24, 2011

Update to a shitty week

I haven't had time to blog due to being super busy. I have created a Mardi Gras look, created a new nail design, disowned my family, have been taking care of a sick daughter, and catching up on my everyday shit that I let slide for a week. I am so totally going without fucking sleep. I can't seem to get to sleep at a decent hour and when I do I fucking wake up at the crack of dawn. It's utterly fucking horrible.
If you are on the Facebook page you have had the horror of seeing the drama with my family play out. My little perfect angel sister fucking slammed me on one of my status updates and then had the nerve to trash me on her page. Nothing new the idiot doesn't think for herself and likes to run off at the mouth without thinking of the consequences of her actions. Her and my mother share the same attitude and house. She voices their views. I have had enough of them talking shit behind my back to everyone yet acting like they love me. Yes I say acting. Seriously they would throw me under a bus if my worst enemy gave them money to do it or if they thought it would make them look better. I have been the outcast for the better part of my entire life. They are Mormon. While yes it was me who introduced them to the church when I was 11 at the age of 15 I realized it was not for me. I couldn't give up my Cokes, I liked boys (and girls), I liked the affects that alcohol had, and I really liked the effects of smoking the occasional joint. I knew I was a freak and I would never be their pretty little girl who was going to be married in the temple. I knew I wasn't going to make it till marriage to have sex. I like sex. NO, I love I don't have issues with the Mormon church. I have friends that are Mormon that understand that is not for me. Honestly I haven't found a religion that I totally agree 100% with. I believe in God that is about as far as I am.
I am completely and totally out of energy and still can't sleep. I hope to have a make-up Monday post, but if I don't I do apologize. I refuse to take photo's of the massive black luggage bags and circles under my eyes. Nothing is hiding these. These bags are big enough to hold a dead body.
Have a wonderful everyone and I hope this week is better then last week for me. 



Awww sorry you had a rough as week! I'll have a shot of tequila in your honor...repeatedly...till I pass out ;)

Jen Sparkles said...

Thanks Falen. I wish I could join