Friday, January 7, 2011

Did that just really happen?

I had decided I was going to do a make-up look for Friday even with the swelling on my face. I can't stand having an idea and not being able to show everyone. Well I was going through my boxes (trust me I have boxes) of make-up because I got evicted from my space in the bathroom and noticed that my Benefit "High Beam" was missing! WTF?! Now I have this look pictured in my head. All bright and pretty, but with no fucking High Beam it's not going to come together. Now I know there are other products out there, but I have to have that product! It's like telling me to buy a Wal-Mart bra! Not going to happen! Face it I am a spoiled BITCH! Not that I am trashing Wal-Mart! They do have cute bras... they are just not for me!
I was cussing up a fucking storm and didn't realize that in the process of looking for said product my Mother Fucking Must have eyeshadow spilled!!!!! Yes I fucking spilled "Naughty" from Simply Kendra on the mother fucking floor!
If you follow me you know I can not get a replacement till she starts selling them and that will be some point in the next month. I HOPE! I can make due with out it till I am able to buy plenty. The point is I love that fucking eyeshadow and it was a demo! I am showing it to two of my neighbors tomorrow so that I can get her more sales! So what do I do? I grab my trusty tool that I use for detailing my nails and commence to scrapping off the top! Yes I looked like a fucking meth head!!!! It was funny! So not only did I lose my highlighter I lost my fave eye shadow!!!!!
With this being said I have to ditch the make-up look till I can reorder from Sephora. I have opted to do nails instead. Thus sparing me from having to show the world my chipmunk face. So thank you to whoever jacked my shit. You saved the viewers from seeing the chipmunk!


Babes Mami said...

Sounds like a rough makeup day!

Jen Sparkles said...

Oh yes! I still haven't found it!