Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What to do when things go sour....

   Not to say that all is wrong in the land of Nottingham but there have been days when I have wanted to strangle my husband. Due to the long days, nights, and stressful job that he has putting the rejects that some how got in the Army out, it tends to wear on him. Now you all know we have had our rough and tumble moments but we all ways manage to make it through. However making it through just isn't cutting it any more. So what me and my husband intend to do to please some of our carnal pleasures and explore some of hidden fantasies with maybe a little help from edensfantasys. Now not to say that we haven't been doing anything, its just that we haven't been doing enough of it (if you know what in the fu..... I mean).

   With the hubby running off to the big sand box soon we have both decided to give it all we got and go for the gusto. We plan on trying a few of the small things from edenfantasys just to see where our likes and our ideas will take us. We have been actively looking at trying out some of Eden's many delightful massage candles and possibly moving on to..... something a little more robust. I'm thinking light bondage.......new toys for me........ couple for him who knows? For now, since we both like to massage each other we are going to see where the candles will go. Stay tuned to see if we move further and with what. You might be shocked....or tickled.....or gagged.

Below is their banner! Below the banner I included more about edensfantasys. I wanted you to know more about the company that we chose to increase our spark.Valentines Day is coming! Take a look at what they have to offer!

edenfantasys is an awesome company. They are well liked by numerous people. I do mean numerous. There website has anything and everything you could want for a self love, couples love, and just all around love. OK well sex. It's all about sex and romance. They have toys for men, toys for women, toys for couples. They have lingerie, bondage toys, fetish aids, and they even carry liberator adventure gear! Ladies and Gentlemen they have it all! Everything is easily labeled. They provide real reviews for their items. These are people that have tried that item and posted honest reviews. You want a place to buy DVDs without feeling like a dirty old man is undressing you with his eyes? They have them! Those gag gifts for special occasion. They have them! They have forums you can join. You can read several reviews for that product you are looking for! I spent hours on the site. It's awesome to be able to sit with the hubby and look through the items from the comfort of our home! You will not be disappointed.
This is a review of the company by me. I did this on my own and received nothing in exchange! I simple wanted to spread the word about edensfantasys!


Just Jen said...

Yeah!! I'm so glad I told you about the program!!

Babes Mami said...

Sounds good for your first! I have tons of stuff I've tried through several sites I've worked with if you need ideas of things that work REALLY well lol

Jen Sparkles said...

I hope it what they are looking for. Feel free to list away! I can always use ideas that work.