Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why did he say that?

My husband had me laughing and pissed at the same time! After seeing his friends status (who is on recruiter duty) that there are no vacancies for 11 B. (To civilians that is the MOS for Infantry) He got livid. He believes there is no need to have 40 fucking people to get your job done for you. Cut enlistment for MP's, Cooks, and Medics! Now mind you to him there is no greater job then Infantry. It's what he does. He gets paid to shoot the bad guys and kick in doors. They are the ones getting their hands dirty and leading the fight. Now don't get me wrong! I think they are the ones that are important. There are plenty of MOS's that sit in the FOB's and COB's and never leave the safety of those said bases. Every part of the Military is important! But I can see the husbands point!
Giving the fact that there is a deployment right now and seeing the guys under strength just goes to show the fuckers that put out those numbers are not paying fucking attention! To my fellow Military families.. Life is hard on the outside! The economy sucks ass and there are no jobs! So before you get out make sure you have a job lined up! You will not be able to come back in as Infantry! While we may have to put up with crappy housing, horrible (and I mean horrible) towns, and the occasional loss of electricity (at fucking 4 in the morning when its 24 degrees!) when something substandard breaks. We do receive steady paychecks, health insurance (even though Fort Polk could get better doctors), and dental insurance. Finding a job that offers the insurance and a decent pay check is next to impossible these days. My husband is determined to do this as long as his body and the military allow him to do this. I support that.
He has been stationed here for over 5 years! He is really fed up with the post, the area, and the lack of shit to do! Seriously it's like a fucking hour and half to find something to do and even then there isn't much for families. Fuck, Fort Lost In The Woods is much better then Polk! The drive to nearby towns is worth it! There is stuff to do! You can think I am a bitch all you want. Fort Polk sucks and I refuse to sugar coat it or hide it. I support the military and my husband. I just don't support Fort Polk being in the middle of no where with nothing to do!
I know its because I got spoiled by Fort Stewart! An hour away from Savannah! OMFG, can you say BEAUTIFUL! Fort Hood was great also! Killeen at least had a mall and mini golf. Complete with Go-carts and bumper boats. Not to mention Austin was an hour and a half away!
Now that I finished my rant and realized exactly how much I hate this place! I need to call the hubby and talk to him. I hope he has calmed down by now and realizes what part of that comment pissed me off. You may be surprised. It's wasn't about women on the front lines. Honestly I don't think we should leave that to the men! The part that pissed me off was knowing that I am openly Bi-sexual he had to say faggots! I don't think he was bashing them but the term faggot pisses me off. He doesn't have a problem with my gay friends. I think he just got pissy about the status and just went off without thinking. 


Ange said...

I agree that there is not much to do in Ft Polk, but I do have to say that I made the closest friendships ever there... maybe I was kinda "forced to" as there was nothing to do there.

Jen Sparkles said...

If I had cool neighbors and not a numch of idiots I am sure I would make

EnVii said...

completely understand.. my husband is navy and when he said Japan i was thinking city life close to tokyo.. emm NO west bumble fuck sasebo is what i got! The only thing i am close to is Nagasaki where they dropped the bomb!

Jen Sparkles said...

I would go crazy being over seas and being out in the middle of no Not cool! I would have been on a plane and coming home.