Wednesday, January 5, 2011

OMG, My Naughty List is Naughty

Yet again this week the Naughty list is a Question and Answer one! I love this! I love looking at the answers and questions. I have found some awesome blogs this way! Ange is a genius! Yes, I know I speak a lot about her and Simply Kendra. Why is that? It's because they fucking rock! Anyway, back to the Issue at

My question comes from Ange and this is what it is:

 Do you share your deepest kept fantasy's with your significant other?  Are there any that you are too afraid to share?

I have shared all of my fantasy's with my wonderful hubby. I feel completely comfortable with him. He is just as twisted as I am which I think the hardest one to share was the bondage fantasy. I didn't know how he would react hearing the things I wanted done to Turns out he was more then willing to oblige and help with making those comes true! Though I know I will never get him and Alexander Skarsgard in the same bed. Hey! A girl can dream!

My question for the person that follows me.
Have you ever done anything sexual in public? If so did you get more out of it from public then private?


Ange said...

I am glad you can tell him anything. I have told Jason all of mine, but some were a lot more difficult than others to share!

Jen Sparkles said...

Yes, they are difficult. I can't get the linky thing to post on my blog to connect it! Help!

A Daft Scots Lass said...