Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Big Fuck You Friday!

It's that time of the week! That's right you guessed it!


This week has brought about a good bit of change which has brought us to the BIG list this Friday! Some changes were good while others were not so good. Me being the bitch I am I just deal with shit and move on. That's just me. Life is way to fucking short to stress about little shit. Let alone stress about people I don't know. (AKA My FUCKING BITCH ASS  PIECE OF SHIT CUM GUZZLING GUTTER TRASH WHORE THAT NEEDS 2 BAGS OVER HER HEAD JUST SO HER HUSBAND CAN FUCK HER NEIGHBOR!!) So off to the list.

1. FUCK YOU weather for being a piece of shit! Seriously! I live in Louisiana. It's not supposed to be 21 degrees. If you are going to make it cold here give me snow!

2. FUCK YOU To the douche bag fucking neighbor with the broken car alarm! That shit is broke if it goes off every 30 minutes on it's own! Don't set the mother fucker! NOT ONE PERSON ON THIS SHITTY STREET WANTS YOUR SHITTY 1995 LINCOLN TOWN CAR! He should have gotten a paint job before he got them wheels and that stereo!

3. FUCK YOU To South Polk Elementary for calling at 10 pm to tell me my daughter had an absence! Seriously, is there a rash of 2nd graders skipping schools? What kind of kids go there?

4. FUCK YOU phone for deciding you didn't want to work. You made me use a fucking 10 dollar phone till tax time! Oh yes, I am getting the Windows Phone just so I can keep up with my gamertag! That's right! I am an XBOX junkie!

5. FUCK YOU W2 people for the Military! Making Active Duty wait till the 24th! Damn it! I wanted my phone before Valentines day!

6. FUCK YOU dresser for eating my damn tennis bracelet! He didn't spend all that damn money to have you FUCKING eat it! SHIT!

7. FUCK YOU Louisiana for having jacked up fucking ways! I have to wait 30 mother fucking days to be able to drive legally! If I get pulled over my license will be gone for 5 years! (Note to NATHANIEL: BUY ME A BETTER FUCKING RADAR DETECTOR!!!!!)

8. FUCK YOU Johnny Taliban for injuring our soldiers and taking their LIVES! You fucking suck! I swear to God they need to give me a couple of NUKES and when I am PMS'ing send me in! Problem solved! NUKE THE BASTARDS!!!!!!

This concludes the train wreck of FUCK YOUS for the week. I hope your weekends go great! If you have snow enjoy it. I know I would. Just not as much snow as some of you got!



right on mama! Fuck em all with a cactus up the ass sideways lol

EnVii said...

totally agree with the ilitary having to wait for their taxes .. wtf we should be head of the line .. LOL .. and the weather needs to get its shit together this is getting ridiculous!

Jen Sparkles said...

I got my cactus ready Falen. And Envii that is horrible! There is nothing like being in the middle of no where thanks to the military, but beeing overseas and in the middle of no where is something I refuse to do as a civilian! LMAO! I am so sorry you are over

Jen Sparkles said...

OH and about the W2 thing... yea we should be!

EnVii said...

You have an award on my blog =) .. yes cali here i come no more bumblefuck japan for me ..

Jen Sparkles said...

I just got home and saw your blog! Thank You for the wonderful award!!!