Friday, January 7, 2011

A young girl once... For You S!

This is a story of a little girl that was young, stupid, and naive.

She fell in what she thought was love. It was perfect. He was everything she had hoped for. They spent every night together from the beginning. 2 months into the relationship she ended up pregnant.She was worried. She had placed a baby for adoption years before because she knew she wasn't ready to be a mother. She didn't want the baby to do with out or suffer. Now she was faced with the same situation. He wanted a family. Told her what she wanted to hear. Despite the sinking feeling in her heart she married him. He left for a school for 2 months and she visited every chance she had. All the while telling herself she was happy and they were going to be a family. They moved away from family and ended up further away from her family then she had ever been. The baby came. It was perfect! 2 weeks after the birth of her baby girl her world crumbled. She started finding out what he was doing. He started to change. She believed he would change. He was just nervous and new to having a family.
She lived through hell! The women, the abuse, and the emotional scaring. Through having 4 children in 5 years her self esteem was gone. She was in a whole and the dirt was filling in fast. Through "I'm Sorry's" and "I'll never do it agains" she knew there was no hope, but gave up.
10 years into what was supposed to be a happy marriage and a forever love, he left for an over seas tour that she couldn't go on. The weeks before he left he promised it would be perfect. He became the man she thought she was in love with. Only to find out it was yet another LIE! He found a replacement while he was gone. Cutting her loose. Literally taking everything from her. Insulting her along the way and throughout the process. Breaking her down as far as he could. She tried to kill her self. To end the pain and be better off. I am glad she failed at that. Thanks to her childhood friend she found herself slowly. He showed her she was more then was she thought she was. Showed her how to love herself again. He saved her life.

She moved on. She met an awesome man that loved her and the children she got back. They are a happy family. The Ex moved on also. He married a woman overseas and brought her home.

He forgot about his children.

 She is living each day grateful to have a man that loves her and only has eyes for her.

No she will not give up her happiness and the happiness of the children to go back to world of pain and hurt!
She is too strong for that. You aren't going to change! You aren't going to ever get the chance to hurt her again!! I think you should walk away, hop a plane, or board a ship bound straight to hell!
She is happy and you have nothing! It's Karma! Live with it!

I am no longer a young little girl who is stupid and naive! I am older, wiser, and stronger!


Oh,fuck it. said...

why must you make me cry on a Friday?!?!?!? I seriously love your blog,cant get enough of it !!!! :)

Jen Sparkles said...

Thank you! I didn't mean to make anyone cry. Just needed to show someone what they needed to see. They needed to see what they caused and that I am better off now. :) I love reading yours also!

Simply Kendra said...

stonger and wiser indeed. I am so glad you got out of that situation and now in a happy realtionship ♥

Jen Sparkles said...

Thank You! ♥

Dazee Dreamer said...

I love your honesty. And I'm so glad that your kids are in a better place too. You rock

Jen Sparkles said...

Thank You.