Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I want my warm AIR!

So yes I live in Louisiana. While it is not as cold here as it is in other others of the U.S it is still COLD! It's literally fucking freezing! I love hoodie weather but this is ridiculous! We live in military housing (which sucks) and this house is not insulated at all. My upstairs feels lovely! There is nothing like getting out of bed in the morning and being toasty warm. Then the minute you hit the landing on the stairs, a cold fucking wall hits you! I swear it's freaking 20 degrees colder downstairs!!!!! It's fucking ridiculous. I have thick curtains on all the windows yet the cold just seems to sneak in from somewhere that I guess I haven't found! (Well Duh, had I found it my house would be warmer downstairs!)
I would put plastic on the windows if the cold season lasted longer. You see here it could be 40 one day and be 70 the next. That and well I think the plastic on the windows is just something I don't want to put up and I damn sure don't want to take it down. If I have to put it up then most likely it will stay up for next I am not trying to give myself any added chores. Lord knows I got my hands full as it is!
I do feel sorry for those of you that are in colder areas. If I had snow to play in with this cold I would be a happier camper!

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