Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Guardian Angel

Today is my guardian angel's birthday.

Happy Birthday Doug.
It seems like yesterday. Waiting in Natchitoches for you to arrive. The little red truck you were so proud of. Hanging out at the game room. Seeing all your friends. It didn't seem like much back then, but today it seems like a lot. Almost 16 years and I can still see your smile. I can still see your blue eyes. I will forever remember you my first love. 

I have come along way in healing. My heart is now in someone elses hand. Though a piece of it is with Doug life had to go on. One day I know we will meet again. I can almost imagine that him and Nate would have been great friends. For all I know he could have had a hand in us meeting. I am so terribly sick today, but I had to gather the energy to wish him a Happy Birthday.

Have a wonderful day everyone.