Monday, February 28, 2011

WTF Seriously?

They fucking cut GI benefits! Yes, they have taken away from education benefits. If you have done your time serving your country your education benefits are getting cut. Oh, but unemployment got help! Seriously! What the Fuck is this world coming too!
OK, so you can slam me now for having an opinion! I don't give one fucking rats ass! It's my blog, my opinion, and if you don't like it suck fucking Obama cock! I am serious here people! I am hotter then a fucking nun at a Chip-n-dales all naked review with cocks swinging in her face!
Change is supposed to be good! Not fucking worse then getting Genital Herpes and having your vagina swell up with no hopes for a cure anytime soon! (I would imagine that would suck pretty fucking bad!) I know I couldn't go with out sex let alone huge ass fucking blisters on my shit! Fuck that!
Don't even get me started about the fucking pay! These mother fuckers sit up there in their name brand designer suits making laws and telling us what we are allowed to and what we fucking can't do! They aren't taking bullets, running 24 hour missions, and being blown up! Yep they make more then anyone in the fucking world! Yet they want to cut military pay! Fuck those dirty ass mother fuckers who fuck whores and probably do lines of COKE off each others asses!
I refuse to fucking vote for any more shit bags! Fuck I voted last time, but I didn't vote for a change! I voted for a Military Vet and someone that knew what the fuck was going on! Seriously how you can run a Country and make decisions about the military when you didn't serve?
I am fucking done. I am stepping off the soap box and putting the Jimmy Choo's back on!
This is utterly the most ridiculous load of moldy horse shit I have ever heard!
I will be starting my own country in my back yard this damn weekend!

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