Saturday, February 12, 2011

The joys of public school!

Well I wasn't going to post on the recent events of the week, but the hubby did. There is no need repeating what has happened. We are greatly upset that the school has taken this course of action. They refuse to accept any of the blame! If you have a lice outbreak in your home you clean everything. Everything gets washed, scrubbed, and sanitized. The school however doesn't do this. Not cleaning shit kids share leads to re infestation and spreading! My girls wash their hair everyday and shower daily. My girls are now bathing daily and washing their hair every 2 days. They will now be wearing their hair up or braided. I have instructed them that if the person next to them is itching they are to move! I don't care what the teacher says! They are not to sit back in their seat on the school bus and they can only sit together! I am going to school board Monday and lodging a complaint. I have had enough of this. I have had to put my children through hell 4 times this school year and I will go postal if it happens one more time!
Fuck You Vernon Parish School Board and South Polk Elementary!

We have invested in a special line of lice preventing shampoos. conditioners, and hair care products. This shit is expensive but proven to work. We shall see! I am sending the bill to the school board! I may even have the school pay for the furniture!

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