Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting back on track

I need to get back to blogging. I have been so busy lately that it seems all my time is taken up by other things I need to do. All of them equally important, but damn I just run out of time! Trying to edit 15 video's to upload to YouTube and making more of those, organizing the house, fighting with the Army, and running to new doctors are just a few. Fighting with the Army is an endless battle though. You fight that fight the whole time you are enlisted. Sometimes after you get out!
I've been searching for new ideas to change up my page and well I haven't found any that jump out at me. Ones that aren't already being used that is. I am not one to copy someone else's layout. That's not very creative. Sadly I am behind in my reading also. I got a chance to catch up on some tonight. I laughed my ass off at a couple of them. I took a vacation and missed a lot.
In other news I created another look using Simply Kendra products.
Aztec Maiden, Frog Prince, Ice Storm, and N'Awlins were used in this look.
I will be trying to knock out one a day if my busy schedule allows it.
I am loving my OPI Black Shatter!!! I can't rave about that enough either!
I hope this finds you all well and in good spirits. Remember it's Mardi Gras season. If you didn't have a reason to drink you have one now!


THUNDERCAT832 said...

Yeah I can understand you're busy but know we be missing your ass! I have missed the hell out of you on my blog. OH yeah, hit me up when you post the videos! It would be kick ass too if you posted videos on how to do the make up!! A sista gotta learn ya know! ;)

Jen Sparkles said...

I have one going up in the morning. I just need to decide on what

Simply Kendra said...

If only there were about 10 more hours in a day! lol

Jen Sparkles said...

I could use those 10