Sunday, February 27, 2011

I realized I am thankful

After the conversation with my daughter and sitting here all day thinking I have come to a horrible decision. I have protected my daughter from reality. I want her to have the perfect marriage with the perfect man and be treated like a queen. Is that so fucking wrong? I don't think so! It's all any woman wants, but some of us never get that. I didn't want to fall in love, have children, and then end up divorced before I was 30! I now see the bigger picture. Having found a great man. OK so he fucking found me and he never left. I am really super fucking lucky!
No matter how perfect a marriage seems to be there are always vultures. Women who don't care if the man is married. Men that don't care if you are married. Those people that are afraid of commitment and just want to fuck people. Then there are the people that purposely fuck married people in hopes of stealing them away from their spouse. Those girls you pissed off at some point in life that want to ruin your life by fucking with your man. We all know women like that! I know men like that. The ones that will fuck a married chick because they don't have to worry about her getting feelings! It's bullshit!
Maybe I am old fashioned but Jesus fucking cows!!!!! I get it if marriages fall apart. Mine did! Why fuck up someone elses shit? It's stupid! There are single people every fucking where!
If I got to the point where the man didn't please me sexually I would be out the fucking door! I'm not about to add something to my list of fucking sins that I will have to answer for later! It's already a LONG list.
 We have crazy fucked up schedules that have led to me having my crazy fucking thinking. BUT one thing stays the same... No matter how often we do have sex it's FUCKING FANTASTIC! He is always here when I need someone to talk to. If I have an issue in the middle of the night he may be grumpy because he has to work in 2 hours, but he wakes up for me! I am blessed.
I guess in a way this is a big thank you to my husband! THANK YOU for being FAITHFUL!! THANK YOU for being awesome! THANK YOU for being your wild, crazy, psychotic, and loving self that I fell in love with!
I love you!


THUNDERCAT832 said...

Now that is love! I hope I marry a man that has my back and shows me love like yours does! You have an awesome family! And you rock as a mom!

Jen Sparkles said...

Thank You so very much! Though I do pray you find one that isn't so Though it can be a good thing! =)