Sunday, February 20, 2011

Makeup Monday Early Simply Kendra Edition!

I know I will be immensely busy tomorrow so I am going to get my Makeup Monday out of the way tonight. I decided to do something completely new for me and yea I ended up with a freaking amazing look. I will list what I used to create this awesome look I am dubbing "Infantry Girl".

I started with my Urban Decay Primer Potion. (No big shocker there) I then applied NYX Jumbo pencil in "Milk" to the inner eye carrying it over t about half way. Going just above the crease. I then applied NYX Jumbo pencil in "Electric Blue" to the outer half going to the crease then blending that up with my finger.
I then applied Simply Kendra's "Ice Storm" the inner third and inside corner. I then used Simply Kendra's "Conspiracy Theory" on the middle and outer corner going just above the crease. For the outer edge I used Simply Kendra's "Starry Night". I blended that into the crease and into "Conspiracy Theory".  For the highlight I used LORAC's 3D luminous.
The bottom is "Ice Storm" blended into "Conspiracy Theory" blended into "Starry Night". I lined my lashes with LORAC gel liner and used Rimmel mascara.
I also used the NYX eyebrow palette.

On my face I used the following:
Smashbox Photo Finish
Smashbox color corrector
Smashbox tinted moisturizer
NARS blush
Benefit Highbeam
and for my lips
LORAC 3D Gloss

Sorry for the crappy pictures I had to take them with my iPhone since I broke my damn camera! I hope you all enjoy the look. 

You can also find her on Facebook as Simply Kendra.

*I am using Simply Kendra's products out of my love for her shadows. I am not paid or given anything for these looks or reviews I do for her. I love these shadows and they are lovely. Try them for yourself you will see how great they are!*

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