Thursday, February 17, 2011

Holy Crap I hate Xbox... Again?

It seems strange to be able to crank out yet another blog today. Could it be I am bored? I think so. It's not like there is a lot to do in Sleasville Louisiana. OK, so it's not the name of this shitty town, but it sounds much better. The top three things in this town are bars, motels, and churches. I swear there is a church on every fucking corner! It's crazy. Not to mention there are like a dozen more in the surrounding area. That's Louisiana for you. Come on they call the counties in this shit hole state parishes! Seriously! It's fucking retarded, but that is the way they wanted it.
So the reason I decided I had to blog is stated in the following couple of sentences. just fucking keep reading I will try not to write a fucking novel but you know I can't help myself when I get going. The little Prince has a friend spending the night. (Which did upset the two princesses, but they are asleep now with no crying! Thank God.)The little man is an awesome kid. He is a lovely addition to my house. They have spent since 4 p.m. this afternoon time on Xbox. Playing Black Ops and Halo. I love Black Ops! Well at least I used to love it. I was watching them run around and shoot each other and have a blast. I must tell you mommy kicks butt! There are many a night I have gotten cursed out for beating men on that game. My ego died tonight! My little prince has the fastest trigger finger I have seen. He would see me around a corner before I saw him! (Don't worry I called to make an eye appointment to cure my blindness!) 
I would spend hours playing this game! Scoring in the top 3 of damn near every match. It took my 7 year old son to show me I can be knocked to my knees before I see it coming. 
So I ask myself a couple of questions. Have I gotten older in a week? Have I lost my reflexes? Was I in fact playing in an online lobby all this time? What the fuck is wrong with my trigger finger? All these damn questions and it took him to tell me the answers. "It's OK mom. You can't play good everyday!" 
I love my son so much. I could hear the smart ass tone in his voice. I saw the happy dance he did. It's really amazing how 30 seconds can make you want to throw a 400 dollar toy out the window! So I am on break from my Xbox again until I get my trigger finger back! I am really depressed. 
Before someone says something negative. I would never ever punish my child for something I am proud of him doing! He is getting really good at these video games! Oh, and as for throwing the xbox out the window... yea right! We spent way to much money upgrading all these game systems! My hubby would kill me if I broke one on purpose. Now controllers are a different story. Mine has been thrown several times!

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