Friday, February 11, 2011

Fuck you Fridays!

It's the return of Fuck you Friday! I actually have some Fuck Yous this week!
So let's cut through the small talk and get to big event. Shall we?

1.FUCK YOU weather for being so fucking retarded! Seriously you are acting like a fucking crackhead on the 18th of the month after you are broke and can't find your dealer! Make up your fucking mind and get warm! 
2. FUCK YOU State of Louisiana for thinking a New Mexico resident owes state taxes to you! He pays taxes to fucking New Mexico and you took money for back taxes??? WTF?!
3. FUCK YOU to the DOUCHE BAG that fucked up my son's head yet again! I am extremely happy my hubby isn't deploying, but I am seriously pissed you keep changing your mind! It's fucking with my children! ASSHOLE!
4. FUCK YOU LORAC for taking forever to get my order here! I seriously want my 3D lip gloss! I want it now!
5. FUCK YOU to the postal service! They no longer deliver in Rain, snow, sleet, or shine! My important package is sitting 6 hours away due to weather! WTF!
6. FUCK YOU feet for still have heel spurs! I refuse to get another painful shot in my heel! That shit hurts worse then walking on them!
7. FUCK YOU uterus for refusing to grow another baby, but making sure your damn presence is known for 9 days out of the month! I wish you would just die so the doctor would take you out of me and bury your ass in the trash can!
8. FUCK YOU pencil brush thief that is hiding in my house! You have ate 5 MAC brushes! When I catch your ass you are going on the grill with some fucking Jack Daniel BBQ sauce! I am pulling a Jeffrey Dom er!
9. FUCK YOU vet for fucking up my baby kitty Bella! She is in pain and looks like she got a fucking back alley abortion! Complete with bad stitching!
And finally
10. FUCK YOU world for being a fucked up shit hole! Terrorists need to suck a fat fucking cock and be fucked in the ass by a damn donkey!!!!!!

Other then my list of FUCK YOUS it's been an awesome week! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I know that I am going to try to have one hell of a weekend!

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