Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Terrible Tuesday! I need sleep

As much as I like getting things accomplished early so I have my days free I hate getting 2 hours of sleep! I am used to my 4 to 5 hours of sleep damn it. For about a week now I have been waking up with horrible back pain and muscle cramps in my legs. WTF?! My legs get all tingly and then cramp up like I ran a fucking marathon. Shit has got to go!
In other news the children were dressed, hair done, and sitting down to breakfast at 6:30. WHOA! This is fantastic! This leaves 30 minutes till the bus. This is fucking awesome! I didn't have to break up the usual 3 fights between the oldest and youngest. Something is in the air! I think they got together and decided to fuck with mom's head. They are never this good in the morning. The middle girl even let me fix her hair without a fight!
I managed to crank out the first Youtube video last night. Just a collection of the looks I started with the Simply Kendra eyeshadows, some swatches, and screen shots of her colors. I will link it for your enjoyment or just for you to have something to laugh at. Either way I could care less.

Have a great day!

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