Thursday, February 10, 2011

My new faves and must haves!

I haven't done a blog with any real purpose in so long since I have been busy. So I decided to share with you all some of my new must have items as well as some of my very favorite items. I hope you enjoy. Yes I am aware that most of the items I use are not for everyone. I urge you to try them. They are wonderful products and worth the money you will spend on them. The pictures were taken with my iPhone so they pretty much suck, but you at least can see them.
I made a wonderful purchase at Sephora last Thursday. The Smashbox line is incredible. Though I must say I was a complete idiot because I didn't know they sold Smashbox at the P.X. Kinda glad considering I got a great deal online!
Photo Finish! Yes ladies this is a wonderful face primer! My skin loves it. This product leaves your face silky smooth and diminishes the appearance of lines. This is my new must have. For the price I am glad a little goes a long way as this product carried a large price tag. I bought the biggest they had so you can go cheaper and get a smaller one.
Color Correcting... simply amazing. I have 2 spots that have scars and are red around them. This product works wonders! You can use it as an all over correcter or for spots like I do. It blends well and it feels wonderful!
I spend a great deal outside so this is something I am used to using. Smashbox has just become my brand of choice! This feels wonderful and I love easy things that make my skin feel nice. I can literally throw this on, add some eyeliner, add some mascara, and some lip gloss and bounce out the door!
I purchased the last three colors I needed to complete my collect of Jumbo Pencils from NYX. I love love love these pencils. They make my already wonderful Simply Kendra shadows look even more amazing. These pencils are worth the price. They are super affordable and they are multi purpose! You can use them as a base for your shadows, use them by them selves, or use them as liner! I use a liner brush and scrape some from the side to use them as a liner.
I ordered another back up Urban Decay Primer Potion. While I was looking at the primer I decided to get Sin along with the original. Sin is a shimmery primer. I love it. I swear the 2 tubes of 2 faced Shadow Insurance are going to collect dust. I just love UDPP so much and can't bring myself to cheat on it with another Sorry for the bad picture. My iPhone was acting retarded.
My CHI line is a must have! Since the CHI stays attached to mine and the girls hair we constantly buy the CHI products. They smell lovely! Pair these with the Avon hair shine capsules and it's a scent that drives men wild. My husband refers to it as my hair perfume! Those mixed with Victoria Secrets Very Sexy lotion and perfume drive my husband wild!
This my loves is the Mardi Gras Stack from Simply Kendra! Love Love Love these eye shadows! She has 40 different shades to choose from. I ordered all 40 and the Mardi Gras Stack which is Limited Edition! The green glitter works nicely with my Liquid Sugar from Eye Kandy! Her shadows look wonderful dry and mixed with a mixer! Excellent payout on color and completely wonderful. I am going to bundle up my other eye shadows that I don't use and donate them to someone that needs more make-up. Seriously I have way too much! I have over 50 lip glosses! It's crazy I know, but not as crazy as ordering another 5 lip glosses!
I am waiting patiently for my Lorac order to arrive so I can share with you what I scored from there! I hope you all have a wonderful evening and have enjoyed the beauty products I have shared. 
Please check out Simply Kendra. You will not be disappointed.  


middle child said...

Oh crap! Now I want to go shopping for even more make-up. Say,..the Chi mist,..what exactly does that do? And the Avon capsules - do you open one and smooth it through dry hair? I need something for when my hair is affected my static. And I am also looking for a hair shine product. Any ideas?

Jen Sparkles said...

The Mist is more of a treatment to help fight against the damamges the straightner causes. The Avon Capsules I use when my hair is wet though you can use them on dry hair. I will tell you I have this product from Bed Head... Party Something. Perfect for dry hair! Awesome product. I will grab my bottle in the morning and snap a picture for you. It's my go to when I have been out all day and need a quick fix for shine and frizz. I love love love it! Pink pump bottle and not to bad to where it makes you cringe at the cash register! LOL. I can look over all my styling products and give you a list. I have my own salon and don't use half of

Jen Sparkles said...

I mean I have enough products to where I could have my own It's 1:30 and I have been

Simply Kendra said...

I love smashbox too!

Jen Sparkles said...

There is nothing photo finish! I am in love!