Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On the road to summer

As you all know I love my makeup. OK it's more like an addiction, but its a good addiction! I have decided that I need to be even more fabulous then I already am. I have embarked on a new journey that will lead to a sexier, more fabulous, and happier me. I have added some new things to my already existing improve me plan.
This morning I started taking OxyELITE Pro! It's a Super Thermogenic. Why did I add a pill? Simple, a lady I know added it to her already in place plan and she lost 30 pounds in 8 weeks! I have seen the results first hand! Only in her case she had two meal supplements a day and only worked out twice a week. Her only complaint was charlie horses in her legs at night. That's a no brainer. She needed potassium!
Since it is a Thermogenic you take 6 to 8 weeks course of them and then take 2 to 4 weeks off.
My plan is way different. I am supplementing 2 meals a day. Now I have varying options. Though it's usually a Slim Fast Meal Bar or a Slim Fast Shake. I love the idea of eating a bar that is pretty much a Butterfinger ( the chocolate peanut butter one) candy bar and knowing it's helping! With adding the OxyELITE the want for snacks will not be there anymore so I added a potassium supplement and a protein supplement. Trust me I do not want my fucking legs cramping up at night and I don't want this pill eating my muscle! That is not an option! For dinner at night I bought a 2 week supply of the Healthy Choice microwave dinners. I only opted for those to see if that would make a difference. For dessert I am going for apples and bananas. My workout plan isn't changing. Cardio workout for an hour a day everyday, weight training 3 times a week, and the abdominal workout every night. Yes it's a lot, but I was seeing results before I added the pill. There is no way I shouldn't be able to drop all the weight by summer. Plus I have promised my husband that if I do in fact get the 30 pound weight loss in 8 weeks I will put the pills down for good.
She didn't gain any of her weight back when she stopped taking OxyElite either. HUGE FUCKING PLUS!
So we shall see how weight loss goes every Thursday!
I took the pill at 6:30 this morning. I felt alert and had energy within 30 minutes. No jittery feeling or nervousness. I have gotten warm flashes, but that is because it's a Thermogenic. I did notice that during my morning cardio I did sweat more then usual. Nothing a shower can't fix, and besides if I don't end my workout sweating my ass off I feel I didn't work hard enough!
I will (as I said above) check every week for progress. I will also keep track of side effects and things I notice. So far so good!
Oh and you only take 2 a day!!!! So pill number 2 will be at 12:30.
I have drank 3 bottled waters so far this morning. I actually want water! Which is fucking awesome considering I hate water!


THUNDERCAT832 said...

WHERE CAN YOU GET THESE PILS? Do they sell in texas by any chance?

Jen Sparkles said...

GNC... If you are starting also let's both do a weekly thing to see how it's working for both of us!

Simply Kendra said...

Can't wait to see how much you'll lose! keep up the hard work!

Jen Sparkles said...

Thanks Girl!