Thursday, March 3, 2011

Westboro Baptist Church.........

I have decided to put my skills to work for a good cause! I am organizing a trip to the Westboro Baptist Church. I want to picket those bitches like they picket funerals! My goal! I want to shit on their lawn. That's right, You might think it's nasty but they have done far worse. They are a hate group. This is not a church. A hate group that is supported by Freedom of Speech. The very same freedom that our military has given them. Yet they picket at our fallen hero's funerals! They are against homosexuality. Not cool!
All of their website names are against the world. They promote hate and it's time to do something about it! I know there is more of us in this world then there is of them! If we all join together we can force them out! If Obama can get voted into office and make the mistakes he has then we can make a GOOD change as Americans! 
These people need to stop! They need to be taught a lesson! Now I know not everyone is for homosexuality and gay marriage. To each their own! BUT I SUPPORT IT! Not everyone agrees with this war going on, but those men and women that lost their lives don't deserve to be represented like this! I SUPPORT OUR TROOPS! The only way the United States is going to stand strong is if we stand together. If we allow a group like this to continue what is next? Seriously, think about it! Please join me in my fight against the Westboro Baptist Church! It requires no donations. Just reach out to fellow Americans and join the fight against them!
There is a road trip in the works. This will be carried out!


THUNDERCAT832 said...

I will ALWAYS support our troops because they are doing the things that us regular folks would never have the balls to do... SACRIFICE THEMSELVES FOR THE GREATER GOOD AND FOR THE SAKE OF OUR COUNTRY!!!

Jen Sparkles said...

Thank You! =)